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Snow White Party

Snow White 3yr - Wishing Well Bag Toss




Sandy in Alexandria, Virginia


July 2004



Snow White party for 3 yr old, April 2004  My daughter Lauren just loves Snow White and about three weeks before her party I walked into Party City and was delighted that they now have many of the princesses by themselves as party decorations.  So I bought all the matching Snow White invitations, thank you cards, plates, napkins, and cups.  Lauren's favorite color is blue so I used light blue as the accenting colors for the silverware and table cloth.  We bought her the Princess Castle moon-bounce for her birthday so we knew they would enjoy bouncing the afternoon away. 

Once the girls arrived my husband took a digital picture of each of them and made a color copy off our printer and inserted them into a 4x6 plastic magnetic frame holder.  After the girls bounced for awhile, we then had them take a break by playing a bean bag game of tossing bean bags into a wishing well that her grandfather made out of a plastic 5-gallon bucket.  He put paper around it, then spray painted it gray and drew rugged lines to make it look like stones.  I then added fake flowers on a vine and wrapped it around the wishing well.  The girls enjoyed tossing the bean bags. 

After they finished that I gave them all Snow White bracelets (from Party City) as everyone was a winner, as well as a small piece of paper that had a picture of one of the Dwarfs. I told them they needed to go into the flower garden and search for a jewel bag that had the matching dwarf picture attached to it.  They squeeled in delight and ran off to hunt for their jewels.

We then went inside and the girls were pleasantly surprised so see a nice picture of themselves at the table.  They then opened their jewel bags and found small decorative jewels and a glue stick to create their own magic frames (vs mirrors). 

Once they finished their frames we then brought out a sheet cake where I put Snow White and all the dwarf figures on the cake.  We were at Disney World in January so I had bought the Snow White play set and they were the perfect size to put on her cake. The girls then asked to go back outside and bounce some more, so out they went.  Other moms then helped me and we spread out a large blanket and brought all the gifts outside and Lauren enjoyed opening them with all her friends sitting around her. 

Since the bounce castle was the main attraction I had the party start at 1pm and didn't serve lunch.  Instead I had appetizers for the adults and juice boxes and snacks for the girls.  I also had goodies bags with Snow White stickers, Princess fruit snacks, Snow White straws, and they also put their pictures and bracelets in as they left.   We've seen all the girls since and they all have their magic pictures on their refridgerators.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

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