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Snow White Party

Snow White 4yr - Mine for Jewels




Luana in Powder Springs, GA


June 2004


Honorable Mention

Snow White 4yr. Old Party- We just celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday with a Snow White Party. I made invitations using red cardstock and Snow White stamps on ivory paper, me and a friend hand colored each picture one on the front and a different stamp on the inside. I stamped on the front "HEIGH HO, HEIGH HO" and in the inside wrote, "It's off to Teyah's party you'll go!" All of her friends were asked to dress as their favorite dwarf and to come to the dwarf's cottage. With each invite I included fake fur (beard) and a T-shirt (Micheals $2.99 each).

The dwarf costumes came out fantastic, each mom added her own touches with belts, patches, hats and shoes. I let my daughter pick who she thought had the best costume, and awarded that dwarf (Happy, complete with a fat belly and mining tools!) a mini Snow White snowglobe (Disney Store $5.99) Our 10 month old son dressed as Dopey, mom as the Witch and dad rented a Prince Charming costume-- and of course our daughter was Snow White (borrowed a cosutme)!! The first thing we did while waiting for every one to arrive was set out Snow White playdough. I bought it on Ebay it came with molds of all the characters the girls loved it. We also set out coloring sheets. While the girls played we called each dwarf over to have their photo taken with Snow White. I later printed the photo and sent it in the Thank You card.

Next, I gathered the dwarves and showed the mining scene (Heigh Ho) part of the dvd on my laptop. Then we took the girls out to "Mine for Jewels". We had collected rocks from our backyard and with borrowed or left over spray paint painted the rocks. We filled large containers with sand and set out shovels. The girls were so excited to uncover all the hidden "jewels".

After lunch, I gathered the girls again to watch the part of the dvd when the queen makes the magic potion and turns into the witch. I told them we were going to make our own poison apples. I had a huge soup pot with dry ice in it. I gave each girl a clear plastic cup with colored water in it. They all took turns adding to the potion and watching all the smoke rise. I added a couple of real apples to the pot. Then I annouced the poison apples were ready, keep in mind I was dressed like the witch warts and all. I said, "quick look behind you the poison apples!" and cackled. On the window sill I had put their party favors- I got red plastic apple containers (Oriental Trading) and filled them each with a Snow White Happy Meal toy--EBAY!, Pop Rocks, a Ring Pop, Snow White stickers and loose jewels and gems. The kids all cheered!!

Next, we sang, "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it's in for cake we go…" I bought a Snow White Barbie and made a doll cake, it was fantastic!!!  After cake and presents my daugher insisted she act out the whole poison apple scene, so on the spur of the moment no pre-planning we did. I (the witch) brought her the poison apple (real apple) she took a bite, passed out- right on the floor!!- the dwarves all cried, then daddy (aka Prince) found her and gave her a kiss, she woke up and I annouced, "and everyone lived happily ever after." My daughter bowed and thanked them for coming.

For Thank You notes I asked my daughter what she wanted to say to her friend and then wrote for her. I used a picture of her as Snow White and used my imaging software to print "Thank You" directly on the photo.  It was a wonderful party, it was so special because my daughter was there planning it withme the whole way. It was her idea that we dress up and that all her friends dress up too. She really felt like I listened and that together we threw the best party ever!! That night she was already planning her next party!!

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