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Snow White Party

Snow White Party - Bean Bag Dwarfs




Jana in Bristol, CT


Sept. 2003



SNOW WHITE & SEVEN DWARVES....  Our shy Marianna adores Snow White & Dwarves. We have to watch the movie every week. So we chose this theme as a way to get her excited and build up her self-esteem.   We had read in Family Fun's magazine (July 2003?) about having a carnival birthday party so we combined the two themes.   When the children arrived they went to the ticket booth (a painted fridge box given free by Lowes hardware) to give Marianna her gift, get an empty goodie bag and 10 tickets (can be bought at Staples or Wal-Marts). 

For each game the children had to give one ticket and then were given a prize if they won to place in their goodie bags. In other words, they were earning/playing for their goodie items. If they ran out of tickets they simply returned to the booth for more. Cut-outs boards for photo opportunities were Snow White dancing with the dwarves.

The bean bag toss game was a board painted with the dwarves holding out their hands.  We enlarged a picture we liked so that the final product was 3 ft by 4 ft. Then we placed carbon paper between the paper and wood and traced the images. Lift paper and we were all set to paint. We rented a junior bouncer (holds two children) so that the children,ages 2-4, wouldn't be overwhelmed by too many bouncing pushing children at once. Cost = 2 tickets!

We painted a board with colored circles, gave children peenies and had a Penny Pitch game.    We bought a LARGE stuffed Dopey doll from Disney store, staked him upright to the ground, and had the children try to toss hula hoops around him.   We had face painting under a large colorful beach umbrella. 

We had Snow White music playing. 

All the prizes were small plastic McDonalds/Snow White  trinkets that we had found through eBay.  Most of our Snow White invitations, stickers, plates, cups, napkins, favors, etc. all came from independent sellers on eBay.    We gave out red metallic plastic apple containers filled with small candy as the children left the party. The moms seemed to realize the Snow White - apple connection. 

Marianna wore her Snow White dress the whole time and her cake was pink ice cream with a small Disney pink castle stuck on top and the characters from the movie arranged around it.  We found that our daughter did very well at the party responding to people and interacting which was the REAL goal of the party. We limited the party to 12 children although a party of this nature could accomodate more than 20 very easily. 

The dwarf aspect was emphasized just as much as Snow White so the boys had a good time too. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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