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Snow White Party

Snow White Party 3yr - Seven Dwarf Charades




Carrie in West Jordan, UT, USA


January 2002


Special Mention

We just had a really fun party for our little princess.  She turned 3, and really wanted a Snow White party. I found several ideas for princess parties, but not very many were specific to Snow White.  So, I thought I'd share some of our ideas.  Here's what we did: 

Invitations:  I found a picture of Snow White sitting at the wishing well, and copied it. (There are tons of pictures on the Disney website.)  I added the words - "I'm Wishing...", then glued the pictures on a folded half sheet of card stock.  The inside read "....That you will come to a Snow White Party!"  After all the party info we added "It will make us, not Grumpy, not Sleepy, not Bashful, but Happy if you can come.  We put little stickers of the Dwarfs by their names. 

Decorations:  I couldn't find any Snow White paper goods, so we used solid color plates, napkins etc.  We picked the colors of Snow White's Dress to use as a theme. (Red, Yellow, Light and Dark Blue)  I made a big magic mirror with cardboard and tin foil.  We had lots of balloons, and a big basket of apples as a centerpiece on the table.  Games and Activities:   We started with a craft.  Each of the kids decorated their own magic mirror.  I found little hand mirrors for 88 cents a piece, then bought sequins, pomm pomms, and fake jewels to glue on them.  It was a big hit. As they finished their mirrors, they colored a picture of Snow White until every one was done.  We then read the story of Snow White. 

The next game was; Seven Dwarf Charades.  They acted out a dwarf, and we guessed which one they were.  Next, we made a magic potion in the Queen's cauldron.  I pulled a witch's pot out of the Halloween stuff, and made up a recipe for Birthday Potion.  It included: Pond Water (water), Mummy Dust (baking soda), and Monster Tears (Vinegar).  The magic words were "Happy Birthday!"  When you pour the vinegar into the water and baking soda, the potion foams and bubbles up everywhere. The kids were so impressed. 

After we had snacks and opened presents it was time for the last game: Mining in The Dwarf's Mine.  This was really just a sawdust hunt.  I hid shinny treats and ring pops in a pile of sawdust, and the kids could "Dig for Jewels" just like the dwarfs.  Snacks:  I used the apple theme for the food.  We had apple slices and caramel dip, and had apple juice to drink.  I thought about making candy apples, but since I knew they would be hard for the little kids to eat, I made puffed rice cereal balls and wrapped them in red cellophane to make them look like apples.  I opted to just do a snack, but if you wanted more of a meal, you could serve Dwarf food.  Things like mini pizzas, mini hot dogs, mini muffins etc. 

Cake:  I made a chocolate cake with white frosting and red sprinkles (Cake as dark as ebony, frosting as white as snow, and sprinkles red as the rose.)  We bought some cute little figures at the Disney Store to put on top. 

Favors and Prizes:  I decorated white bags with Snow White Stickers and tied them with a red bow.  Inside were extra stickers, a printed coloring sheet, a whistle with a tag "Just Whistle While You Work", the mirror they decorated, the treats from the Dwarf's mine, and their pretend candied apples. They each got to take a balloon too.

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