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Skateboard Party

Skateboard Party -7yr- Tech Deck Table




Durbin in corona, california, usa


February 2009



My son really wanted a skater" birthday to celebrate turning 7.  I wanted to be sure this theme was suitable for all age groups so I included bikes and scooters too! The only provisions I needed was a driveway and we bought our son a portable skateboard ramp($90 toys r us) for his gift.

Invitation: Skate on over to Mark's house to celebrate his seventh birthday.  Get ready to shred grind ali and show off your coolest tricks.  Bring your bikes scooters or what ever you please.  Don't forget your safety gear!

The grub: pizza pasta salad nachos lots of cool candy (fun dipslemon headsnerds licorice) nothing too complicated very kid friendly. The cake rocked. I ordered a cake in the shape of a skateboard with skate insignia's on it. There are tons of examples on the net if you want to make it yourself.

The decor: I went to a local skate shop several months in advance and asked for their extra skate posters.They gave me a ton.I used them for prizes and decor.  I bought chekerboard black & white tablecloths.  There was also a table set up with mini tech deck skate ramps and each child got a finger board (I bought the 10 packs @ Target it was cheaper).

We even played hot potato with a new tech deck as the prize.  For the girls I had a table to decorate your own skateboard out of const. paper. They loved it.  The kids loved the party and got great exercise.  The parents had fun trying the ramp too!  The whole party was pretty reasonably priced about $280 dollars for everything.  

Tip:  I used soccer cones to block off the section of our street.  We had to physically move the cones for a car to get by.  This was great for safety and the drivers were still friendly most of them commented on how much fun the party looked. SKATE ON DUDE!    "

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