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Skateboard Party

Skateboard Olympics 9yr- Judges with Scores




Stacey in Whittier, CA.


March 2001


Honorable Mention

I did this for a 9 year old boy's birthday. There were girls and boys.  The theme was Skateboard Olympics. Invite: I made cut outs of skateboards telling them to skate on over to "name" 9th Birthday bash! I asked them to bring their skateboards or rollerblades and safety equipment. As each child arrived they got a large # for the back of their shirt and a score card that listed all the activities that they were going to be judged on.

Games: we had a ramp and as they were called they got 2 chanced to freestyle on the ramp, a few of the guests were chosen as judges and they held up large numbers, I wrote their scores on their score cards, etc..

The 2nd was a bean bag toss on the skateboards, the buckets had points on them and they got 2 chances to make it in to the bucket of their choice, the scores were put on their cards,

3rd activity was skateboard limbo, the each time the stick dropped they got 5 points, their totals were put on the score cards,

4th was Skateboard trick, again we used the judges and score cards. After all of that was done they gave me te score cards and I totaled them up while they were hitting the skateboard pinata. 

We also played balloon pop (kids used their heads and a needle)they picked a balloon 1-20 and that's the one they had to pop. The balloons were filled with, water, flour, confetti, skateboard cutouts that had on the back what they won, etc. It was a lot of fun!

We had a skateboard shaped cake and sub sandwiches. After the gifts and cake was done I had all of the kids sit in a circle so we could have an award ceremony and pictures. The bday boy gave award & prizes out as I called their name, and they took their picture with the Bday boy.

Prizes: computer made certificates, ribbons, mini trophies, skate board keychains, ramps, grab bags, etc. at the end of the award ceremony the bday boy tossed confetti on everyone it was great.

Favors: bags with skateboard keychains, temp tattoos, finger boards, stickers, gift cert ice cream and candy. I hope this helps Stacey

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