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Skateboard Party

Skateboard Party -6yr- Make A Banana Split




Sheriess & Dylan  in Manchester , CT -USA


April 2006



Skateboard Birthday Party - 6yr My son, Dylan digs the art of skateboarding.  We are going to invite about 5 boys. 

First, the boys will meet us at the skateboard park down the street from our house.  The parents have the option to watch or drop off from there.  Pick up will be from our house.  Each of the boys will be given a skateboard and saftey gear.  I plan to have an older, experienced skateboarder there to show them some stunts, and maybe cover some of the basics. 

Then -back to our house where the back yard will be decorated with black/white checkered table cloth, balloons, and skater pinata.  A table will be set up where they will make their own banana splits. My son said no cake, but whaaat?? no cake?? I will do a cake or either cupcakes to go along with the theme so we can at least sing Happy Bday.  I'll have drinks and snacks out too.

After that the boys will make their very own "skater t-shirts" - which we will tye dye. 

Next, will be the pinata which is also a "guy skateboarding".  I will have it filled with boy themed items ( pencils, stickers, water guns, bracelets, candy, skateboard key chains, etc)....I'll have some cool tatoos out for them to do. 

I plan to make a ramp  (huge box) in the back yard on a hill for them to practice doing their new tricks.  Cool music will be a plus. My son likes Green Day so we'll have some tunes playing.  (Probably won't do goodie bags since they are getting so many other things previously listed) ...and for the ending of the party if we have a few stay late, we will have pizza and the movie MVP , Most Valuable Primate ; it's where the monkey skateboards; it is too funny. 

We're excited ,now we just have to wait until September!!  LOL

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