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Skateboard Party

Skateboarding -7yr- Cholocalte Skate Ramp Cake




Amy in New Lebanon, New York-USA


Jan. 2004



For my son's 7th birthday, I made a cake and decorated the top with a skate board park. He was really into skateboarding,then. I made a chocolate cake and frosted it with brown icing.

Then I made the skateboard ramp out of frosted sugar wafers.I stuck two of them side by side into the cake, then I put 2 more frosted sugar wafers side by side across from them. I took fruit roll ups and put them on the edge of the frosted wafers and stretched them down, then back up to form a ramp-that went from one side of the sugar wafers to the other.

I got little skateboards from a gumball machine and put a tiny spot of frosting on it to hold a teddy graham,complete with a helmet made out of a bit of fruit roll-up. The teddy graham was placed stratagically on top of the ramp to look as though he were getting ready to go down the ramp.

Then, I made a stand for teddy graham viewers to watch the skateboarding(like the X games.)I took 4 sugar wafers,frosted them and stuck them in the cake then I frosted more sugar wafers and had them forming bleachers.I also made a practice ramp for the teddy grahams(complete w/skateboards and fruit roll-up helmets) waiting for their turn.

That was made with frosted sugar wafers only.It is hard to imagine how it came out,by writing description only, but the kids LOVED it. A couple children asked to get their picture taken holding it. Then,we had to take every kids picture with it. So we ended up with great pictures of the kids and the cake.

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