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Shrek Party

Shrek Party -5yr- Swamp Punch




Andrea in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


October 2007



For my son's 5th birthday party, we had a Shrek theme.  I searched dollar stores high and low for anything Shrek related or green. 

We bought Shrek invitations, and asked on the invitation that everyone wear a green shirt as we were all to be Ogre's for a day. 

Outside our front door, we posted a large sign that I had made identical to the one in the movie that says 'BEWARE OGRE' (I even painted the same picture of Shrek's face).  Just inside our front door is a bathroom.  I covered the entire bathroom door in brown construction paper, with a cutout moon to make it look like an outhouse.  This way, the kids would know where to go to the bathroom. 

The 'Swamp' was in our basement.  The entire basement  covered in green streamers and green Shrek balloons, and we also had a Shrek pinata.  We set up a refreshment table in one corner that was covered in a Shrek tablecloth and long green fake swamp vine's that I had found in a dollar store. We had also gathered up many of the Shrek McDonalds toys and placed them around the table.  I bought large lime green bowls to fill with chips, and I also found lime green plastic cutlery and napkins, as well as Shrek plates.  We had a swamp punch, which was a concoction of orange juice, ginger ale, neon green food coloring, and large ice cubes with gummy worms.  The food coloring made the punch look the perfect color of Shrek green. 

I also bought small plastic cups (shooter size), and made little jello snacks, each one with a gummy worm sticking out the top.  For lunch, we ate hot dogs, but as hard as I tried I could not seem to find green ketchup here in Canada (I am pretty sure it exists in the US).  I made Lemon cupcakes with bright green (vanilla) frosting, dribbled with chocolate sprinkles and a gummy worm on top.  

We played games like Pin the Tail on Donkey, Go Away Donkey (like Hot Potato only with a stuffed Donkey), and Toss Puss in the boot.  Prizes consisted of things like Shrek Foam bath, and Shrek Bubble bath.   Towards the end of the party, we put Shrek 2 on our home theatre for the kids to watch to settle down. 

Finally, at the end of the day, we handed out the Ogre 'Grub Bags'.  I bought green paper bags, and covered them with Shrek stickers.  I also attached a tag to each each saying ' child's name OGRE GRUB BAG'.  For the girls, we added Princess before their names.  Inside were Shrek stickers, moss green bouncy balls, green crazy straws, a baggy of gummy worms and candy from the pinata. The boys also had rubber snakes and bugs, and the girls had some princess items.   Everyone had a great time, but there was 13 kids including my own, so I was exhausted by the end of the day!

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