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Shrek Party

Shrek Party -6yr- Ogre Berry Salad




Millie in Huntington Beach, CA   USA


June 2007



We had a Shrek party since there party was going to be even girls/boys ratio.  For invitations I bought paper (from Staples) that looked like an old scroll and said In a land far far away we will celebrate "name" 6th birthday.  Time and date and then RSVP to the king and queen a.k.a. mom and dad.  I hot glued sticks to the top and bottom of the scroll and rolled them together and then tied them with some twine. 

For decorations I bought sheer curtains from Ikea and draped them over our front door for a castle-like entrance.  I printed out a banner saying welcome to far far away and hung it over the doorway.  I used green tablecloths as a runner to line the walk from the sidewalk to the front door.  I had a bubble machine blowing to make is seem more enchanting. 

For food I made an ogre berry salad which consisted of all types of green fruits and put gummi worms on top.  I also used a chocolate fountain and used green chocolate (bought at Michael's) and called it Shrek slime.  It was very unusual looking but the kids loved it.  I had a plate of marshmellows (each with a sword shaped toothpick - a la puss and boots) and pretzel rods to dip into the chocolate.  I also served Shrek gogurts and juice. 

For entertainment we played pin the tail on the donkey and had a pinata filled with gummi worms and bugs and superball eyeballs in addition to regular candy.  I also had a bakery make big gingerbread cookies and had the kids each decorate their own Gingy.  I had can frosting m&m's sprinkles dots and gumdrops. 

For the goody bags I bought touchable bubbles ($1 at Michaels) and put each one in an organza bag with a picture of the fairy godmother giving the directions for use(Happiness is just a teardrop away).  I burned a cd with Shrek party mix dance songs threw in a couple of swamp bug pills (little pills that when put into water turn into bugs - again at Michaels) and a Shrek pez dispenser (from Costco). 

The boys had just as much fun as the girls.  "

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