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Shrek Party

Shrek the Third Party -7yr- Fiona's Beauty Parlor




Marcia in Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada


January 2008



For my daughter's 7th birthday, we had a Shrek the third" sleepover party.  Her party was at the time that Shrek the Third was playing at the Theatres and so we broght the girls to see the show in the afternoon. 

Invites were rolled up scrolls and along the lines of "Here Ye! Here Ye!  Princess Becky is celebrating her 7th birthay and requests the presence of your princess to attend these festivities"  Staples had brisol board that had scrolls printed on them.  I used old english script to make several posters such as "Welcome to Far and served delicacies as bark chips and swamp dip (add green food coloring to any party dip) Shrek's deep fried earwax (corn puffs)and swamp juice (Mountain Dew) which came in handy for our "Burping Contest" (Yes 7 year old girls like to be disgusting too). 

Posters were available of the Princesses fighting team which we hung in the play room along with scrolls reading "Fairy Godmother's Potion Factory" where we made bath salts.  I had picked up decorative glass containers at a dollar store and mixed salt epsom salt food coloring and baby oil.  This was a big hit fun and cheap and my daughter enjoyed adding some to her bath. 

We set up a buffet table in the middle of the playroom which is where most of the activities were done.  There were coloring pages which were downloaded from the website and colored pencils while we prepared meals and snacks.  Another scroll on another wall read "The Royal Family Jewels which is where the Princesses made jewelry out of beads. 

Another wall displayed the sign "Fiona's Beauty Parlor" where the girls gave each other makeovers and where I painted fingernails and toe nails. 

Instead of treatbags we did a scavenger hunt.  Each was given a scroll that read: Princess Fiona has lost her tiara.  She has asked Jack & Jill to help her and to help the other characters she meets along the way.  Each clild is given a plastic pail and shovel.  The list includes things like cinderella losing her glass slipper (pencil sharpeners in the shape of high heel shoes had to be found).  This was a fun activity and made the kids work together for their treats. 

We played "Poison Apple" using a styrofoam apple bough at a craft store(just like Hot Potato). 

Another game was "Pinochio Lies".  Using a half inflated tubular baloon (his nose) each child would be asked a question about any of the three Shrek movies.  If they answered correct I would take some air out of the balloon.  If they guessed incorrectly air would be added to it.  If they were able to deflate the balloon they all received a prize. 

The cake was store bought to go along with the theme and we decorated using green orange and purple balloons streamers and table cloths.  The girls had a great time."

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