Model on Runway Party

Fashion Diva -8yr- Red Carpet/Cloth Runway




Amanda in Orange City, Fl, USA


March 2011



Fashion Diva" was an idea me and my daughter put together. The colors for the party were lime green hot pink and black. The idea was that my daughter is a super model and to celebrate her 8th birthday she was having a fashion show.

INVITES: I bought invites to decorate. I purchased a fashion magazine pink and green markers and fashion decorative paper. On the front of the invite we glued a decorative piece of paper then in pink and green wrote "You are invited to the fashion event of the year". On the inside we wrote "Come to a fashion show to celebrate the 8th birthday of super model my daughter's name". From the fashion magazine we cut out name brands and pictures of clothes shoes and purses to decorate the invites and envelopes.

DECORATIONS: At the dollar store I bought black table cloths. Utensils napkins plates and bowls were all pink and green. I used ribbon to make the bowls from the dollar store look fancier and match the cake. I also bought a few picture frames from the dollar store and took pictures of my daughter in her birthday dress. I used the fashion magazine to decorate her pictures to look like she was in a magazine. Then framed them and used them as table centerpieces. Also for centerpieces I purchased live flowers that matched the cake and put them in green and pink glass vases. For hang up decorations I glued full picture adds out of the fashion magazine to decorative paper to make posters.

ACTIVITIES: I bought to red table cloths. I put these on the ground to make a run way for the fashion show. I let each child put together an outfit they wanted to model. I gave each girl a makeover and did there hair. I played Lady Gaga in the background. One by one each girl got a chance to walk down the run way and model the outfit they put together. I had all the parents take pictures w/ there flashes on. I filmed the event. After the fashion show each child got to have a photo shoot.

GAMES: Each child got to give there mom a makeover

PARTY SNACKS: Fruit and veggies for the models(kiddies) and chips n dip for the parents

COSTUMES: I brought 2 boxes of play and dress clothes for the kids to make there outfits from. We used old Halloween costumes my old dresses high heels hats feather boas my boyfriends polo shirts and items from the dollar store. My daughter had a special pink dress she picked out her self and a crown.

CAKE: The base was lime green with a black ribbon and pink flower. The top was a hot pink purse with my daughter's name on it. Next to the cake was a small black high heel my daughter got to keep. The cake matched all the decorations and invites. 

FAVORS: Instead of goodie bags the kids got swag bags just like all famous people do at fashion shows. Inside was candy make up and hair products. The boys got cars instead of makeup. I sent each family a video of the fashion show. I printed out pictures from each child's photo shoot. Using the program smile box and the fashion magazine a made each child a modeling portfolio. "

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