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May 2009


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Glamour Girl Party   For my daughter's sixth birthday, she wanted a hair and make-up party. After thinking about a lot of different ideas, we settled on the theme Glamour Girl.

INVITATIONS:  I found these adorable invitations on line that I ordered and then printed myself. They were a make-up compact complete with a cut-out lipstick. I printed the following wording: An afternoon with the girls, What could be more fun, than getting your hair, nails and make-up done? Please join us for a Glamour Girl Party. Then I gave the details of the party.  A spa luncheon will be served, followed by glamour make-overs and a  fashion show.  Wear your jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops provided!  On the lipstick, I printed the words: Allison's sixth birthday. They were adorable invitations.

COSTUMES:  I had all the girls wear jeans so they would be dressed alike. Before the party, I had printed on the computer a template that said Glamour Girl in puffy letters surrounded by clip art of stars, lipstick, a compact and perfume. At the bottom, I wrote Allsion's 6th Birthday, and the date. I then used this template to trace on plain white t-shirts with fabric markers. When the girls arrived, they each got a t-shirt to color with fabric markers. They colored in the letters, the stars and the clip art. I put a piece of cardboard between each shirt so the markers wouldn't soak through and so they had something hard to color on. Once they finished coloring, they each changed into their t-shirts and then they were all dressed alike in costume.  I just laid sheets down on my floor and they colored on the floor using the cardboard. I had 18 girls but it worked out really well because the coloring kept them busy until all the girls arrived.

DECORATIONS:  After they were all changed, we had a spa lunch. I had covered kid sized tables and chairs, with pink plastic. The chairs were then tied with a purple plastic strip around the back just like they do at weddings. It looked beautiful. I had all pink and purple partyware (plates, silverware, napkins). I had purchased pink silk flower arrangements at a party store and put these along the long table as the centerpieces. There were also plastic champagne glasses with stirrers sitting at each place as well. Then I printed place cards on the computer with the name of each girl so they knew where to sit.

PARTY SNACKS:  For the spa luncheon, I poured pink lemonade in their champagne glasses, which they loved to stir with the stirrers. They ate a selection of mini sandwiches cut into shapes (turkey and peanut butter), cheese (cut into star shapes) and crackers, fruit kabobs (I do these at a lot of parties and they are always a hit), and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. For the cake, I made a cake in the shape of a purse; it stood up and used licorice as the handles. I found the directions on the Internet, but it was really hard to make and my first one actually fell apart.  Make sure you allow enough time to complete something like this before the party.

ACTIVITIES: I believe this is the most important part of the party so that you have lots of things planned for the kids to do. After the luncheon, the girls were divided into three groups. At the beginning of the party, each girl had been given a nametag. The color of the nametag determined which group they were in. We went down into our basement where three stations were set-up

Station 1) Manicure/Pedicure: I had two of my friends giving the girls manicures and pedicures. They first got to wash their hands with special hand soap and then pick out their polish. They could choose nail stick-ons to put on their fingernails and toenails. I also bought a cheap nail dryer for them to use when they were done. My daughter loved this; she said it was just like a real salon. While two girls were getting their nails painted, the other four girls in the group were decorating picture frames. I had bought wooden frames and wooden bows from a craft store. My husband and daughter spray painted the picture frames pink and the bows purple before the party and then glued the wooden bows to the frames. During the party, the girls put stick-on rhinestones, and rhinestone letters on the frames. One mom was nice enough to help the girls find all of the letters of their name to spell their name on the frame. Inside each frame I had printed a paper insert in pink and purple that said, Glamour Girl: after the party, you will receive a glamour shot to put in your frame.

Station 2) Hair: I had my babysitter, who is awesome with hair, set-up a hair station with tons of clips, a curling iron, and combs. She did each girl's hair using clips and glitter and she did each one differently depending on their hair type. I had originally hired someone to do this, but when I went to try her out, I wasn't very impressed so I ended up canceling. I would recommend trying out anyone you are thinking about hiring, before the party. While the five girls in the group were waiting to have their hair done, they got to decorate flip-flops. I had bought cheap flip-flops in different sizes for each girl. I pre-printed labels with each girl's name and stuck them to the flip-flops so the littler girls got the smaller flip-flops and vice versa. Making labels ahead of time, works really well with anything that you would like the kids to take home and then you can put it in their goody bags before they leave. I pre-cut strips of fabric in many different colors using zigzag scissors. This was probably the most tedious part of the party preparation. Then the girls tied the strips of fabric to the flip-flops. The younger girls had some trouble and needed more help. They looked really cute in the beginning but didn't ware very well. If I do this again for my younger daughter, I will either use ribbon or felt, I think they will ware better.

Station 3) Make-up: My mom sat at a princess vanity where she put make-up on the girls. Each girl got body glitter, eye shadow, blush and her own individual lip-gloss. After the lip-gloss was used, my mom put a sticker on it with the girl's name.  They also could pick out stick-on earrings or body decals.  While the five girls were waiting, I had bought foam diva girls for them to decorate. They loved this and got really into it. They colored them, outlined them with glitter, put sparkles on them. I even bought the goggly eyes to stick on.  This was very popular and easy. When they were done they wrote their names on the back and laid them out to dry. After everyone had finished with their make-overs, we had a fashion show upstairs.  I hung a glitter cascade from the doorway and used gold fabric to make a runway. We turned on music and each girl took a turn parading down the runway. At the end of the runway, my husband took each girl's picture, as she struck a pose. The girls really enjoyed this and wanted to do it over and over again.

FAVORS: It was time to go home, so each girl had their t-shirt, flip flops, picture frame, decorated diva and a goody bag. The goody bags were so easy to make. They were little purses filled with nail polish, lip-gloss, a feather pen, a purse notebook, candy lipstick, and ring pops. For the thank you notes, we included each girl's picture, sized for her frame. The girls loved it!!

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