Model on Runway Party

Fashion Show/Slumber -8yr- Mom & Dad Black Tie




Deanna in Montgomery, AL USA


April 2011



My daughter who turns 8 is into Fashion.  So we decided to have a fashion show birthday party. 

INVITATION: Home made on the printer each on single sheet of paper, folded into a quarter sheet. That stated: It's XXXXXX's 8th Birthday and You are invited to participate in a Fashion Show our house of Fashion." Come dress to impress and all accessories will be provided.

DECORATIONS: First of all mommy and daddy dressed the part.  I wore a party gown and he wore a tux. We had each guest (little girls) sign in with a gold feather pen and each parent was given an agenda of events if they were not staying and a web link where they could watch the fashion show live.

We had the furniture moved out of the main living room and put a red plastic table runner down the center of the room for the runway with flashing lights on each side (Christmas lights - all white). With a banner across the fireplace mantle that said House of Fashion and balloons arched around it and that came down on each side of the fire place.  Folding chairs on either side of the runway for guest (parent/judges).

ACTIVITIES: We had stations set up in different rooms of the house Room 1 was for scarves purses and jewelry; Room 2 was hats belts and shoes (princess plastic shoes and hats from the dollar store; belts we purchased for the party); Room 3 was Hair make up and nails. This took most of the first hour and into the next.  The girls loved it.

We also passed around appetizers on silver trays as the girls went through each station. (apples slices/oranges slices/strawberries. Then it was time for the show as the girls came down the runway we play a runway song.  "Strut - work it girl do your thing on the runway Strut". And dad had a microphone with an announcer's voice and described what each girl was wearing as she walked down the runway. 

The judges(parents) gave awards (every girl received a certificate printed from my home printer) and a small trophy [pack of 6 from dollar store] for individuality  creativity or style. Then we prepared the cake and sung happy birthday and ate snacks. After they all ate we had a sketch session with copies made from a fashion sketch pad book my daughter got for her birthday. This calmed them down some and prepared them for the sleep over that followed.

FAVORS: We gave each girls a gift bag with bracelets lip gloss necklace and candy jewelry. They also were able to take their sketch home."

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