Model on Runway Party

Next Top Model -13yr- Photo Shoot at the Hotel




Alexis in Silver Spring MD USA


March 2005



For my daughters 13th Birthday We had Dominique's next Top Model.(like America's next top model) I invited 13 girls to Hard Times Café ( Chili Dogs and Burgers) There we announced that they were the few selected to participate in this awesome challenge. A limo picked them all up and swept them to the hoted equipped with a pool.

The Pool is challenge # 1. We had Mommie mail sent to their room announcing each challenge. Each challenge was filmed.

Event 1 in the pool was posing in the pool(we took digital pics of each girl in the pool 1 at a time posing with pool toys like a commercial/

#2 was Where are you from ( they all decided they were from an alien planet and dressed accordingly. Martians had makeup and crazy hair and a personal video clip.

#3 was the commercial. They had pizza and had to say "It is good /C'est et bon" in Brazilan while taking a bite of the pizza.

#4 was the team competition when they had to come up with a team name and clothing line. They had to model it on the runway.(we even had a red carpet made from a red table cloth)

#5 was couples they had to act a scene from a movie.

This went on all night to #10. Each challenge beginning with mommie mail telling them what to do and each challenge ending with the eliminations.

Each winner was given a rose each looser was given a wrist ban. So you could still participate but you could not get a rose. Finally when there were 4 people left we had a vote for the winner. The winner received free hotel breakfast in the morning. 

We also had cake and gifts in the off camera time. My teens like to stay up very late but I try to keep them occupied so they don't even get a chance to talk about boys and stuff all night. This party started around 3pm at the resturant and the game ended around 1am.

They were so tired but very pleased with the party.  By 2am they were all fast asleep.   Parents picked them up from the hotel in the am.

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