Model on Runway Party

Supermodels Fashion Show -7yr- High Heel Pinata




Shelly Ann in Mount Vernon, NY USA


April 2008



My daughter turns seven on May 7th.  This year she wanted a Supermodel party.  We decided to make her a candy-themed Fashion show party for her and her supermodel friends.

We made CD's with pictures of all her previous birthday parties announcing that this one would be better, bigger, more candylicious.  The CDs went out in an envelope with the date and time of the party on it and my RSVP number.    I have ordered a stretch limousine to pick up my daughters favorite 7 friends. 

We all live in the same town (which is four square miles) so we will have to drive idly around for the remainder of the  1 hour that we have in the car.  We have water labeled with The House of G (my daughter's name is Gibson)  and snacks in the car for the little divas.  We will be deposited at the YMCA at 4pm sharp.  I have rented a partyroom from our local YMCA for two hours (plus extra time for set-up and clean up). 

We will set up a runway┬Ł made from plastic tablecloths and candy colored balloons and set the chairs around them like a fashion show.  The first row will be reserved for the models and will have their goody bags displayed on them like Swag!   

All the girls (20) and all the boys( 5 cousins and friend who can never be left out) will arrive at the YMCA at 4pm.   They will immediately be fed pizza and juice.  Then they will be whisked off to make up and hair, where they will be primped and dressed in candy bracelets and necklaces and rings.  They will then be taught to walk the runway. 

At 5pm the parents will return to pick up their children where they will be greeted by the boys wearing dark sunglasses and tshirts that say SECURITY  THE HOUSE OF G  Gibson's 7th Birthday.  They will be seated  and presented with lollypops.  The girls will then model two outfits  the one they came in and a dressy dress that they will be asked to bring.

Then they will sit in their seats in the front and the birthday girl will come out in her dressy dress.  When the birthday girl makes her final bow, I will bring the cake out on the runway and we will sing happy birthday! 

After the happy birthday singing, the girls will take their goodybags backstage where they will open them to find tshirts that say Supermodel, the house of G Gibson's seventh birthday.  They will change out of their dressy clothes, and wear the t-shirts and their jeans.   

They will then break the pinata (A fashionable high heel shoe shaped pinata)  take their candy, and go home!  I will clean up the YMCA and the fall asleep until I am discovered by the swim team the next morning at practice.

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