Model on Runway Party

Next Top Model Sleepover - Show Off Your Outfits




Brittney in delta,BC,Canada


March 2005




INVITATIONS: for the invitations I put the usual. Who's party it was, the date, the time, the place and the rsvp. I said you would need to bring five different outfits.Your swimsuit, your dressy outfit, your wild outfit, your normal outfit and an outfit of your choice.

ROOM SETUP: I chose to have my party in the play room because it connects to the tv room and is the biggest room in the house.  Me and my dad went into the shed and took out eight huge pieces of cardboard. They would be used for dressing rooms. We cut a door on one side of the cardboard and put it up against the wall.

Then we got a desk and put it on the other side of the room. Then the big red carpet in between. Then in the tv room we cleared everything out execpt the tv. We layed out a bunch of blankets and pillows because they would be sleeping there. Then we took out the counter (which can be removed and used as a bar) and put it against the wall. We put all the food on the bar.

ACTIVITIES: for the activiies the girlz change into their outfits and take turns walking on the carpet. Then their would be three judges, changing each five times, would judge the girlz and give special prizes like a 5-10$ makeup thing. Like lipgloss or eyeshadow.

Then when it was time to eat we had gingerale and pink crush pop (martini's and red wine) for drink. We had salads and vegetables for healthy stuff and fries and pizza for finger food. After dark we brought out four movies and chose which one would go first. Then we watched all the movies and eventually we all fell asleep.

GOODY BAGS: in the goody bage whe had like 15$ worth of stuff. There would be lipgloss, glitter, stickers and a lot of sugar covered candy.

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