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Diva's 1st Birthday Party - Fashion Area




Rosmarvy in Lawrence, MA. US.


June 2011


Runner Up

When time came for my daughter’s 1st birthday, I knew I wanted something as spectacular as her personality. She wasn’t even one and every time you played music she would dance and if you pointed a camera at her she would smile and pose, so clearly I had to do something grand. My friends started naming her Lawrence little diva on my facebook page and that’s when the idea for a little diva’s party came to me. I had a huge blow out of about 80 guests, including 45 children, and this is what we did to pull it off.   

INVITATION: Since my daughter likes posing, I took about 20 pics. In word, I made a frame of black and white zebra print with a fuchsia border. I took her 20 pics (shrunken really small) and organized them around to make a squared frame. I placed this frame on top of the zebra frame, letting the zebra print show a little around the outer edge. Then I made a square with a purple border and wrote out the details of the party Rosleny’s 1st Diva party.

I advised everyone to dress to impress and be on time not to miss the runway show. This gave everyone a little bit of what to expect. I Printed all this on card stock paper at staples and bought fuchsia envelopes to match. On top of each envelope, I pasted printed labels with the same zebra print and the names of the invitees. To this day, all of our close family and friends have this invitation on their fridge or bulletin board. 

DECORATIONS: Well, where do I start? I printed 4 (20X30) poster’s of my daughter’s cutes most diva like pictures at walgreens. All diva’s parties should be all about them. I placed one on the entrance door, one behind the snacks table in the lounge and 2 inside the party hall. Each frame was surrounded by a frame with a fuchsia feather boa. I made two areas: 1 was a lounge and 1 was a fashion show stage.

When you first arrived into the space you where greeted by my daughter’s large poster on the door surrounded by columns made out of pink and purple balloons on each side. As you entered the door, there was a table on your right with a picture album I printed at Walgreens of my daughter’s first year, a comp monitor with a slide show of my daughter’s pictures and videos, a candy tray (the candy said diva’s 1st birthday) and a sign telling the guest to sign the picture album around the edges (I had my sister in law hot glue jewels all around the cover of the album).

The first room you came into was the lounge in which I had 4 sofas and 10 fancy sofa chairs placed around the room into little conversation areas all with tables in between which contained picture albums of my daughter’s first birthday, snacks (fruit/cheese/wraps platters), and magazines of popular celebrities in which I pasted cover pages with my daughter’s picture on each as the cover story. This became a really cute conversation starter.  On the side, there was a small buffet table with fruit platters, marshmallows and a fondue fountain. All tables where decorated with Purple table cloths with a black runner and a fuchsia boa around the edge.

The rest of the space walls in the lounge where decorated with 4 purple and fuchsia floor to ceiling stripes I made out of rolls of plastic tables cloths. In front of each stripe where hanging fuchsia lanterns hung by feather boas. Parents were encouraged to hang around in the lounge and the kids came into the fashion area. There was an open doorway into the fashion area which was decorated by curtains I made out of the rolls of plastic table cloths and gathered on each side with a big bow and along with helium balloons that said Diva’s 1st Birthday.

The fashion area was long and narrow compared to the lounge. I arranged rows on either side on the entrance, leaving the center clear to later become a cat walk. When you first came into this area, you could see straight ahead the cake and favors table surrounded by a stage/tent I made out of the same table cloth rolls. I ordered online a huge back drop which was a stage with lights around (not real lights) and my daughter’s 30x50 picture as the star of the show and it read  Rosleny's 1st  Diva Birthday". In front of the cake table on the floor I placed two piñatas (one a shoe and the other a purse) and a hand painted poster of the number 1 with a zebra border and the word DIVA going down the middle of the 1. On either side the whole length of the room where lined with a horizontal stripe of black back drop roll paper with white stars on it.

On top of this I had my daughter’s other picture posters. In every corner and on either side of the cake table there was a bunch of pink and purple balloons with a top 1st diva balloon helium balloon. Next to the table I put my daughter’s portable eating chair on top of one of my fancy tall dining chairs and decorated it with boas and purple and pink crystals as her thrown. Her father and I had a black t-shirts with an iron on image of her picture surrounded by a zebra print frame. His shirt said Diva’s bodyguard and mine Diva’s personal assistant 

ACTIVITIES: As the guest arrived all the parents mingled in the lounge were they atesigned the book looked at pictures and had a couple of cocktails. The kids came into the fashion area. There where tables arranged for snack(chips)coloring and little games. I printed a whole bunch of coloring pages of their favorite teen idols and fashion cartoons. I also did a maze (in Microsoft word) they could fallow with a crayon which had a little picture of my daughter at the start and a mall at the finish and it read at the top help Rosleny get to the mall. Another page I printed was a tic tac toe I did also in word with the zebra print frame around. I had 2 of my nieces do make up makeovers and paint the girl’s nails. For the boys they could get mustaches goat tees etc. I also had a little table set up with the wii where the kids could play Just Dance 2. 

GAMES: Before the first game we asked all the parents to come sit in the fashion room and lined up all the kids in the hall way. We then rolled the left over black table cloth down the middle to become a cat walk. We told all the kids this is a fun fashion show the most outrages and fun your moves are the better chances of winning.

For the teens we played Beyonce’s song "Diva for the younger girls Miley Syrus You can change your hair and you can change your clothes for the boys who let the dogs out (the boys where a riot the crowd went crazy) and for the birthday girl we played her favorite song I’m a Barbie girl. When she walked in she stole the show. She walked in by herself and instead of walking down the runway she stood right in the middle of it to dance her song (I have videos of this and she made everyone get off their seats). We had three winners for the girls and each got a banner a crown and a wand. We had two winners for the boys and they each got a fashion watches and necklaces (plastic kids ones).

The next game was pass the shoe just like hot potato but with a sparkly shoe. Then 5 girls got to dress their dad’s up like fashionable women and the dad’s had to model down the cat walk. We gave them each a bag containing paint make up dresses wigs accessories and purses. The dads modeling were the highlight of the night great troopers. Then the moms were called to the front and they needed to bring their purses. My daughter took out of her own purse 10 items a Diva should always carry and the mom with the most items won. For the little ones we had pin the cell phone on the diva. To end the round of games we had a dance off.

COSTUMES: When the kids were ready to come into the fashion show we provided the girls with feather boas and the boys with top hats. They all got plastic sun glasses.

PARTY SNACKS:  For the kids we had chips and juices along with fruits and dips of caramel and chocolate. For the adults we had platters of fruit cheese wraps a chocolate fountain and cocktails. For the food we didn’t want to do pizza or something like that because I diva requires something a little more upscale. We had vegetable salad potato salad ground beef and macaroni pasta vegetable rice rice with corn roast pork roasted chicken and beef with vegetables. 

CAKE: We had the largest sheet of cake I could get at the bakery. I saved a lot of money by requesting it to be one tear and to have it frosted in pink and only the side decorated. I bought and put together all the decorating pieces for the top. I went to Michael’s and bought a foam miniature dresser/jewelry chest and decorated it with vinyl zebra print paper and fuchsia pink flower which I placed on the right corner of the cake.  From her baby shower cake I had saved a very cute silver R that was at the top of that cake and put it in the middle of this cake. I took black tall ostrich feathers and placed them behind the R sticking up. Also at Michaels I purchased a woman figure stand which is used to hang necklaces from. I also covered the woman form with the vinyl zebra print paper to match the other side. At the base of the stand a put a sparkly tiara with a big purple 1 on top.

FAVORS: Every girl got a purse goody bag with candy play jewelry play makeup brush and mirror. All the boys got purple goody bags with candy and toys. The 2 piñata’s were filled with candy. For all the moms for months my kid’s babysitter and I saved all the baby food jars. We washed them out well glued a flower on top of each one printed labels Rosleny’s 1st Diva Birthday with zebra print and filled them with mints I ordered which were individually wrapped and read diva’s 1st birthday. For the dad’s we bought a bunch of Hershey and Crunch bars and wrapped them with labels I printed which were similar to the food jars.  This was an unforgettable birthday extravaganza which everyone is still talking about. Believe it or not I Spent well less than $1000.00 mainly because I did a lot of do it yourself projects for activities decorations cake and had close family and I make all the food. Both my husband and I have huge families and if you add a couple of friends to that our parties could never be small and we wouldn’t have them any other way. Everyone had a great time and our family was more than happy to help with everything as well as enjoy it. "

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