Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Duckie Party -1yr- Fish For Ducks Game




Taryn in Richmond, Virginia, United States


August 2011


Special Mention

This party was designed for my daughter Avalon's first birthday. I have always loved rubber duckies and she has adored them since she was very tiny. She has a collection of various kinds and absolutely loves the song Rubber Duckie You're the One" (sung by Sesame Street's Ernie). A Rubber Duckie birthday party seemed perfect! 

INVITATIONS:   I created her invitation by finding a picture of a pink duckie wearing a crown and a pink feather boa online and placing it in thecenterof the page. In curved pink WordArt above the picture I put "Rubber Duckie Guess Who's One?" (a variation of the song lyrics). Under the picture I announced that it was her first birthday and listed the party details. I had these printed on glossy cardstock punched holes in the top center and tied bows in them with pink satin ribbon.  

DECORATIONS:  The party was held in a picnic shelter at a nearby park. Since her birthday is in October the weather was beautiful but the park wasn't crowded. I chose the smaller of the shelters on the less-frequented side of the park so that our party would remain private. The shelter was a large wooden open-sided building filled with long picnic tables. At the entrance to the parking area we put a collection of balloons which we mimicked at the entrance to the shelter. We covered the table at the far end of the room with a pink tablecloth and put an inflatable baby bathtub that looks like a giant rubber duckie in the center. I wrapped a pink boa and plastic bead necklaces around its neck and added a crown and pink tutu so it would resemble the duck on the invitation. This we filled with her gifts the ones from us wrapped in duckie paper.  

The two tables across from this we also covered in pink cloths. One held the treat bags on one end and places for guests to sit. The other held the food. We had ordered several dozen duckies online in various themes (ones that looked like babies ballet dancers fairies princesses birthday duckies and like they were wearing Halloween costumes). These were placed around the treat bags and around the food. Pink 'First Birthday' hats and plastic bead necklaces and bracelets were placed near the treat bags to encourage guests to dress up.   Platesflatware and napkins were all light pink. We got plastic "wine glasses" so that they looked special and girly. 

ACTIVITIES:  Outside of the shelter we put a "fishing" game we had found in a party store that consisted of a small pool a few plastic ducks with loops on their heads and little plastic fishing rods. We were supposed to fill the pool with water so the ducks would float but with a little one toddling around we left the pool empty and just put the looped ducks and some of the ordered rubber duckies in it. Avalon had fun picking up the duckies and rearranging them and some of the adults (there was only one other child in attendance and she played too) enjoyed sitting with her and trying to fish for the ducks. Because this was a party for a one year old I didn't want to overwhelm her with a lot of planned activities so I let the fishing pond be the only real game. 

COSTUMES:  For the birthday girl's special outfit I had an embroiderer digitize the pink duckie from the invitation and embroider it on a denim dress and a hot pink bib. Both also had her name on them. She wore matching pink leggings a pink onesie and light pink hightops. She also had a birthday tiara boa and wand. I wore a matching pink shirt. After the birthday cake ceremony she was changed into a hot pink onesie with a cupcake on it and black leggings. 

PARTY SNACKS:  All snacks were served in mock cut crystal bowls and dishes. We served a combination of traditional snack foods Avalon's favorite snacks and those that referenced Halloween as it was very soon and our family's favorite holiday. We say that she was our Halloween present. Snacks included chips and dip raw vegetables pretzels cookies and cream kisses mellowcreme pumpkins potato salad M + Ms and raw fruit. We served water apple juice and soda with the ice being kept in pink buckets. 

CAKE:   The cake was two round tiers white frosting in classic shells along the bottom edges. We placed some of the duckies around the bottom (boy and girl ballet dancers partnered off and clusters of fairies and princesses so they appeared to be celebrating) and a large duckie holding a birthday cake on top with a giant "1" candle. The tiers were both half vanilla and half strawberry so that each slice was pink and white.   We had separate smaller cake just for her that said "Happy Birthday Avalon" in pink on white frosting. This one was placed in front of her so she could dig in as she pleased. She ended up mostly feeding it to me but she got a few tastes in herself.   

FAVORS:  As favors, I created treat bags for each guest. I used small pink plastic bags with pink twist ties. Inside was a mini bottle of bubbles (because rubber duckies like nothing more than bubbles) some lemonheads (my favorite candy) lollipops, candy, jewelry, a mini rubber duckie, that was wearing a diaper and bonnet and holding a pink rattle and pink mini rubber duckie with a heart on its chest that had a "1" inside.  Avalon had a wonderful time being surrounded by duckies! Her giant duck was overflowing with gifts and everyone had a great time being kids again playing with the duckies dressing up and singing her the rubber duckie song. The cups serving bowls jewelry and pink-and-white color theme added the fanciness that made this definitely a little girl's rubber duckie party.    "

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