Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Ducky Party -1yr- Pink Rubber Ducks




LaTisha in Cement, Oklahoma, USA


July 2010


Honorable Mention

For my little girls first birthday party we decided to have a rubber ducky birthday party at a gymnasium so we would have lots of room. 

For the invitation we took a picture of her in a metal tub that had rubber ducks sitting all around it.  The invitation was pink with her picture and had bubbles all around it.  I also glued a small bow to the top of each invite that was pink with ducks on it.  

To decorate we used white fabric table cloths and put small metal buckets on each eating table and floated rubber ducks in them.  I also put the picture of her in the tub in pink frames and set two of them on each of the eating tables.  I also found some hot pink rubber ducks with the number 1 of them on oriental trading and set them all over the party along with pink and yellow Mardi Gras beads to give it a girly feel. 

I cut out some great big ducks and some great big number 1's out of cardboard.  I painted them pink and yellow.  Then I added glitter to the ones and feathers, a shaky eye, and a big bow to the ducks.  I taped the ones up on the wall and set the big yellow ducks up so the kids could stand by them for pictures.  I also put down duck feet from the entry way to the gift table and taped duck crossing signs all over the place. 

On the restroom doors I put signs that said girl ducks and boy ducks. I put the big tub that we took her picture in on the gift table, filled it with water and put a great big rubber duck in it.  I found a blow up baby bath tub that looked like a rubber duck and set it in the middle of the room and filled it with water and floated ducks in it too. We also decorated a table that had all of her photos from her first year and her baby book. 

I also set up a projector and showed a slide show of her pictures that just rolled during the entire party. We put over 100 latex ballons and 10 mylar balloons shaped like rubber ducks around the room and weighted them with rubber ducks.  I also bought yellow party hats and glued a feather to the top, shaky eyes and cut out orange beaks.  They turned out really cute.  Since it was her first bithday I kept the activity simple.  I ordered white ducks from oriental trading and let all of the kids use markers to decorate them.  The kids loved this and they got to take them home.  She even tried to color one. 

We had a duck pinata that was filled with small toys instead of candy, since we were saving the candy for later. She wore a shirt that said birthday girl and it had a rubber duck on it.  After her messy cake she was changed into a girly pink outfit.  We had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for lunch.  The plates had ducks on them and we use pink and yellow napkins and flatware. 

The food was served out of metal buckets with her name in refrigerator magnets on them. The cake was two round cakes staked on bottom to look like a metal tub and it had her name on the front.  On top was a 3-D rubber duck that had blue frosting around it to look like it was floatin in the tub. There was a tray of sugar cookies that were shaped like rubber ducks. We also had root beer floats.      

At the end of the party I took her to the back room and put her in a little red wagon that had magnetic ducks stuck to it.  It had nine buckets filled with 7 different types of candy in it.  I pulled her out in the wagon and gave each child a small duck shaped gift bag and let them fill there own candy sack.  She loves sitting in the wagon while all the kids came to fill their bags.     

I took pictures of each of the kids with the birthday girl by the duck cut outs and mailed it to them the following week with a thank you card that had a rubber duck on the front and a duck foot stamp on the outside of the envelope.

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