Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Ducky Party -1yr- Ducky Feet Walkway




Jennifer in Rocklin, CA. USA


July 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter loves rubber duckies and so for her first birthday, we wanted to do a rubber ducky theme. 

For invitations, I bought various prints of scrapbooking paper. I cut them in half and used small bubble print for the background.  I cut out a sparkly white paper in the shape of a bathtub and cut a yellow rubber sticker backed sheet in the shape of a ducky and made it look like it was floating in the tub.  I cut out bubble wrap in circles to look like floating bubbles.  I cut out bigger bubbled scrapbooking paper to contain the party information...Splish Splash It's Sophia's 1st Birthday Bash! Waddle on Over to Sophia's tub with address. 

Give us a quack with phone number.  I folded vellum paper accordian style and attached it to small rings hanging from a wire typically used to make necklaces (found at a craft store)and hole punched it to the top of the paper to make it look like a shower curtain.  So when you pulled it aside you saw the information.  I made my own envelopes using coordinating bubble scrapbooking paper by folding each side in then folding the bottom up and securing using a glue stick and folding the top over to seal. 

For the party I cut out huge ducky feet and taped them to the walkway leading up to the house. I bought a bubble blower that greeted people when they got to the front door so they felt like they were coming into a bathtub.  We had raffi's CD playing in the background set on repeat for "It's my bathtime" (I think that's what it's called).  I bought different colored blue balloons and hung them all over the house to resemble bubbles.  I also set a bubble machine at the top of the stairs (which overlooks the entryway so people had bubbles falling down on them upon entry). 

Gymboree bubbles work really good because they're sugar based and last all day without popping.  I covered all of the tables with shiny blue tissue paper (it's actually kind of like a foil) that is actually from the wrapping paper section so that it looked like water.  I used light yellow paper/plastic dinnerware.  I bought duck feet that kids can walk on by holding strings strung through the feet (remember the tin cans with the strings when we were young?)just to entertain them until the clown arrived. I know she wasn't "ducky but she did face painting and really cute ballon designs, so the kids (age 1-9) ALL loved her! 

All the food was duck themed- bugles (beaks), sandwiches cut out with a ducky cutter, etc. The cake was a 3D duck from Wilton that was decorated with a star tip icing.  We wrapped boxes at varying heights with ducky gift wrap, wrapped platters in that blue foil, and set the food on top of each so that it looked like they were swimming. I set the food out on our kitchen island, and covered it with green astroturf" stuff from walmart so that it looked like a little park.  I put various colored artificial daises just to give it some umph.  I bought inflatable rubber ducky bathtubs (toys r us) and used them as coolers for the drinks.  By the end of the party kids had dumped out the ice and used them as little sleds that they pulled each other around in! 

For gift bags I bought white clay baking loaf dishes (craft store around Christmas) that looked like bathtubs.  I put crinkly blue paper in to resemble water and bought small rubber ducks from oriental trading small play doh bathtub crayons and a washcloth to put inside each one.  I found clear plastic gift bags with ducks and bubbles printed on them at the craft store and put each bathtub inside sealed with a ducky sticker. The party started at 2 and the kids didn't leave until 7:30! Everyone had so much fun!  In the thank you cards I included pics of the kids getting their face painted and holding their balloons from the clown."

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