Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Duckie -2yr- Story Time with a Ducky Book




Jenn in Tacoma, WA USA


November 2006


Special Mention

Rubber Duckie Party (2 yr girl) indoor  This was for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  She loves rubber ducks and taking a bath.  I got a lot of great ideas from this site and made some of my own.  Invites: I used rubber ducks graphics on the computer with a duckie border using the words Vivian is turning 2! Rubber duckie your the one, to make Vivi's party lots of fun, then waddle over to the duck pond with the date and time info, then We'll have a SPLASHING good time along the bottom.  I made them into jpg photos and had them printed out and mailed them. 

Decorations: I found a really good deal on those mamma ducks with three baby ducks sets on clearance at Wallgreens.  I got about 10 of them and placed them all over the house, even in the bathroom and entryway.  I got some bigger ducks also on clearance and used them on all the food tables.  I set out some stuffed ducks around and had some rubber duck crossing signs I made. 

My color theme was yellow with a little bit of orange.  I had yellow and orange balloons going up my banister, and also around the big light in the kitchen.  I had blue tablecloths everywhere to represent water, and I bought a large marlar 29" rubber duck balloon online that floated on one side of the room.  I had a kid's table decorated with stuffed ducks and party noise makers and little chairs. I also had a small table in the kitchen at kid heigth with a blue table cloth that had food they could reach.  The plates and napkins were bright yellow, and some of the plates were blue with ducks on them.  Only the forks were bright orange, which I thought looked like duck feet. 

The cake:  I made a homemade 9x13 banana cinnamon cake and frosted it green frosting on the sides, then put green coconut around the outside to make it look like grass.  I frosted the middle blue and made it look like waves, then put three baby ducks in the middle.  I also made simple cupcakes with blue frosting for the kids, each topped with a 3D duckie toothpick I got online. 

Food: I cut duck shapes out of bread using a cookie cutter. I made a plate of peanut butter and honey ducks, a plate of tunafish ducks and then broiled a pan or two of grilled cheese ducks.  These were a big hit.  I also served Pringles (duck beaks), cheese puffs (duck legs), had a fruit salad made of only manderine oranges and bananas (duck beaks), and had jello jigglers (blue) cut into squares with little 3D ducks sticking out of them, so they looked like they were on their own pond.  I also used some of the mamma ducks to hold things like chips and MnM's.  I also did the duckie's floating in the punch.. But having white carpets I didn't use the hawaiian punch, I used white grape juice, sprite, and ice and just dyed it a little bit blue with food coloring. 

Party Favors: I bought duckie plastic favor bags online and filled them with loofa sponges, birthday bubbles, a whistle, a toy flute whistle, and I also made paper duckie hats (available for free online) that they got to take home.  I also bought cute little duckie necklaces from oriental trading company and used them for prizes.  The bags I place around the room for added decoration. 

Games:  I drew a huge bathtub on some poster board with water and printed up a bunch of yellow ducks (cut them out) then we blindfolded the kids and played "pin the duckie in the bathtub".  Since some were under 3 we just let them put the duckie where they wanted, the older kids we used a blindfold.  Everyone "won" this game and got the duckie necklaces as a prize, which they wore proudly. Then it was story time.  I got the book "10 little rubber ducks" from the author Eric Carle (famous for "the Hungry Caterpillar") about 10 duckies that get lost at sea and travel around the world.  The kids loved this book. 

That gave me time to set up for the big finish for games.  We blew up 75 white balloons the day before the party and hid them upstairs.  While the story was being read we quickly put them into the living room.  I had a bubble machine also prepared, along with some fun duckie and bubble tunes I made into a CD.  When the story was over I gave them all a duckie hat and told them they were now ducks and we were all heading over to the pond to swim and play.  Oh my gosh it was so cute.  Bubbles and balloons were all over the room and the kids had fun laughing and having a grand time.  They were quacking and the adults had a fun time watching. 

The age range was from 2-7 and I was surprised that the older kids had as much fun in "the pond" as the little kids. They all played quite nicely and nobody got too rough.  This was a really fun activity because it was November and most of the duckie parties I read about here were in the summer where you could go outside and splash around.  This was a great alternative.  After that it was presents and cake.  Everyone really had a good time and my daughter had the most fun quacking around.  I also let people take home a mamma duck and three baby ducks as a party favor along with their duck hats and necklaces.  A very fun a cute birthday

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