Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Duck -1yr- Splish Splash it’s a Ducky Bash




Erica in Minot ND USA


November 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's first birthday we decided to do a rubber duck theme, since taking baths and ducks were her favorite things.

For the invitations I got yellow card stock and cut them in half to form 2 cards. I then took pictures of my daughter in the bathtub with lots of bubbles and rubber ducks, that I got at Wal Mart for less than $1. On our computer I used Word and typed, Splish Splash it's _____ 1st Birthday Bash, and printed it out on Vellum paper. I put the picture of my daughter on the front of the card and then the vellum with the greeting over the picture. I then bought bubble vellum stickers from a craft store and put those in the corners. For the inside of the card I printed off from clipart a rubber duck and made it big enough to cover the entire inside of the card.

Then using the computer and vellum paper, printed off the details using cute phrases like splash on over, give us a quack for the RSVP, etc. Then placed the vellum with the party details over the duck. I got the tableware, forks, plates, cups etc. from partyexpress, the theme with the duck in the bathtub. The main colors were yellow, blue, and purple. I also bought the vinyl banner from partyexpress that matched the duck theme and had it personalized with my daughter's name, then hung it over the present table. I bought tons of rubber ducks of various sizes and just placed them on every flat surface, so there were ducks everywhere.

For the party we decorated the tables with blue tablecloths to resmble water, and in the center of each table I had a momma duck with 3 baby ducks on her back, I just filled the back with a little water, I got these at Kmart. Then next to the duck centerpieces I used yellow plastic cups and made beaks out of orange construction paper and used google eyes and made a duck face on both sides of the cup, then I filled these with chex mix and goldfish, labeled Duck Feed. We had yellow and purple streamers. Yellow, Clear, and purple balloons some that had the number 1 on them.

For the food, I made blue jello and put ducks on top, and the punch was also blue with ducks on it, to make it look like the ducks were swimming in the water. We ordered a plain blue sheet cake from a grocery store and then I made my own duck cake from the Wilton collection, it was very easy to make, and then just placed the duck ontop of the sheet cake, again to get the idea of a duck swimming on water. When it was time for cake I took the duck off and gave it to my daughter to dig into, and then the sheetcake was for everyone else. We had other finger food as well.

For activities, I had a bubble machine going, we just used a Dora the Explorer one from Wal Mart that way our daughter could have it after the party as well, this was a big hit with the kids. We had a duck pinata that we installed the pull kit feature since most were to young to actually hit it, and included things like mini maracas, yo-yo's, noise makers, along with candy they could eat.

Find the winning duck was another game; I used about 15 mini ducks from oriental trading co. and on 10 of them put a star on the bottom, then I bought the duck inflatable bathtub, from Target, and filled it up halfway with water, then placed the ducks on the water and had the kids pick a duck until they found a star and then they all got a prize. There were loose clear balloons on the ground to resemble bubbles, and then those punch balls scattered around the room. Surprisingly these were a huge hit as well, my daughter's favorite part of the party.

For the adults we played baby's 1st year, where they would guess when my daughter accomplished certain things like crawling, walking, first tooth etc. In the background I had the Bathtime Sesame Street Cd playing. Then towards the end of the party I had everyone sign a Duck that had a pink party hat and said 1st Birthday, got this from a local party store.

As a parting gift everyone got a treat bag, filled with a duck gummy(oriental trading) and some mints. Attached was a little card, that I made off the computer using the same clipart in the invitations, and it said The party's over I'm officially One see you next year when I turn Two! Love_____ Also as guests got to leave they got to take home some of the rubber ducks I put aside the ones we were going to keep and just let everyone pick the ones they wanted. Overall the party was such a hit I'm still getting compliments about it especially the treat bags with the little poem."

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