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Rescue Heroes -5yr- Cardboard House Painted Fire




Terry in Parker,  CO  USA


August 2002


Special Mention

For my sons 5th birthday we had a rescue heroes party.  I printed the invitations from the website.  I decorated everything with red and yellow since there aren't any rescue hero party plates or cups. 

There were 16 kids.  I went to Wal-Mart and bought very cheap fabric and made some vests.  I made 5 Billy Blazes, they were black with two horizontal yellow stripes; 3 Roger Houston, they were white and I glued an American flag on the bag with fabric glue; 3 Jack Hammer, they were orange with two horizontal yellow stripes and 5 Ariel Flyer, they were pink with a cross (kind of like red cross) on the back made out of a floral material.  I tried to make those a girly as possible.  Ariel Flyer is a pilot and a vet, but we just focused on the veterinarian part.  Each vest was velcroed down the middle and I used fabric paint to write Billy Blazes, Ariel Flyer etc.. On one side of the front and then the rescue heroes logo on the other side. 

For hats..I went to the local party store and bought plastic fireman hats for Billy Blazes and Yellow construction hats for Jack Hammer.  For Roger Houston, I made space hats out of heavy poster board and stapled them to a band of paper that went around their heads and colored the front with American flags and rocket ships. 

For the girls I made hats that sort of resembled the old fashioned nurses hats out of the floral material that the cross was made out of.  I couldn't think of what a vet would wear on his head so this was the best idea I had.  Everybody loved them.

For Games:  we started off with a cardboard house that we made that looked like it was on fire.  We lined the kids up in two lines and they each received blue water balloons and were asked to throw the balloons at the house and put out the fire.  This game was a big hit. 

The next game was A tornado at the beach.  We formed two groups and each group took turns.  I put as many little people and farm animals that I had in the sand box and buried them.  Each child had a shovel and was asked to save all the people and animals in the sand. 

The next game was similar it was An Avalanche.  I went to the store and bought a huge box and filled it with the packaging peanuts.  I buried some more little people and match box cars and told the kids that an avalanche has buried some people and cars and to find them.  They used shovels and rakes.  Both games were fun. 

The next game was Save the Animals from a  rock slide.  I took all of the beanie babies I had and threw them all around my yard into the rocks.  I gathered all of the rescue hero vehicles that I had (firetruck, jet, hang glider etc…) enough for the 11 boys.  Then I had a table set up with all of the play doctor equipment I had (stethoscope, Band-Aids, thermometers etc..)  The boys were to rescue the animals with their vehicles and bring them over to the table where Ariel Flyer would fix them up.  They had so much fun with this game.

The next game was pin the badge on Jake Justice.  I printed a picture of Jake from the website and blew it up to 2x3.  I printed badges from the website and put each child's name on it and laminated it.  Each child took turns, blindfolded to put the badge on Jake. 

For the last game I  had an obstacle course.  The first step, I had a rescue heroes sleeping bag laying on the ground and I told the kids there was a fire and they first needed to stop drop and roll on the sleeping bag then crawl through the playhut tunnel and into the playhut fire-engine. Once they were in there they took a water gun and squirted the tree that was on fire (I had made fire out of construction paper and hung it on the tree with rope). Next was to walk over a bridge (a 2x4 on top of a swimming pool) and use the fishing pole and rescue a fish(I used the Fischer price pole and fish).Next was to climb a mountain (I used an oversized bean bag chair), then race a dump truck with boulders and dump the rocks and finally go into the command center (which was a rescue heroes play hut tent that I found at Kmart).  Once their mission was complete they were rewarded with a bucket of rescue heroes party favors in the command center and they could pick one.  The remaining favors were then put into their goody bags.

For Lunch…  I made cheese pizzas and used pepperoni to make the rescue heroes logo on the top.  The cake was a picture of billy blazes that I printed from the website and had the bakery make.  Next we opened presents. I had all of the rescue heroes sit in a circle. All of the Billy blazes sat together and roger houstons etc.. And one by one they sat next to my son and opened a present.  This made it easy to take a picture of each guest and avoided the chaos of who's present will be opened next. 

Finally, we had a pinata of a fire truck and I cut out a picture of Billy Blazes from a toy box we had and pasted it on there.  The kids put their treats in the goody bags which were Brown paper bags with rescue heroes badges that I printed from the website.  They took home their outfits too.  Every child seemed to have had a great time. I had fun planning it too.

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