Rescue Heros Party

Rescue Hero's Party -7yr- Fire House Tour




Teresa in Canby, OR Clackamas


April 2002



My son, who turned 7 last February, wanted to have a Rescue Heroes Birthday Party!!

I started with printing the invitations out from the Rescue Heroes Website. And I also printed some pictures from the site  to use for decorations and I dropped one picture by Fred Meyers to have them tranfer onto a cake (the site allows you to do so, they give you permission).

As far as plates, cups, and streamers, I bought primary color decorations from the dollar store which helped cut down on cost!! And then for an activity, another money saver!!, I called the local Fire Dept. to see if they would give the kids a tour. They said, "No problem". And they did a wonderful job talking to the kids about Fire Safety, and showing them the station, equipment and vehicles. Plus the exciting event at the end of the tour was that they were called away on a real emergency!!! The kids were given lots of great gifts too!! Like stickers, pencils, Fire hats!! Lots of goodies!! 

After the tour we all went back to our house.  While I set up for cake and Ice cream my older son put on a Rescue Heroes video for the kids, and my husband helped our babysitter set up for a game outside.

After cake and ice cream the kids all went outside for the Rescue Heroes Training Course Relay Game. (Before the party started my babysitter and her sister came over to help me make two cardboard box Fire Engines, and two cardboard box burning buildings with windows cut out, we then stuck dolls in one building and stuffed animals in the other.

The kids had to line up in two lines, put on a Firehat and the box firetruck, step through tires, go around cones (well actually tomato cages that my neighbor let us borrow) then rescue either a doll from the "Day Care", or a stuffed animal from the "Pet Shop" and run back and tag the next Fire Fighter. Everybody was a Hero that day!! The kids loved it!!

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