Rescue Heros Party

Rescue Hero Cadets -5yr- Cadet Drills




Bill in Sterling Heights, MI


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

My son's 5 year old friends were all "Rescue Hero Cadets" running through "training drills". 

1.  Each cadet had to demonstrate that they could "Stop, drop and roll" to protect themselves from "fire".

2.  Fire Fighting Drill.   Cadet Equipment:  Dollar store fire hats, water balloons. I taped pictures of flames (printed from Print Master, but you could draw them), in plastic page protectors to a play house in our back yard.  During the drill, the cadets needed to hit the flames with water balloons, then enter the building to rescue my volunteer daughter from the fire.  You could use a doll or toy animal as long as it wouldn't be ruined by water.

3.  Police Patrol Drill. Cadet Equipment:  Dollar store hand cuffs and silly string. I placed mug shots of suspicious characters (pictures printed from Print Master, but you could draw them) in semi-hidden locations around the yard.  During the drill, each cadet would take turns patrolling the perimeter of the house and catching each culprit in the "net" by spraying with silly string.  While waiting their turn they had great fun spraying each other with silly string (which was "officially" discouraged).  Warning:  Some of the guys couldn't work the silly string sprayer.  You might adapt this drill for indoor play by taping the mug shots to a bucket or other target and have the cadets toss their handcuffs to the target to capture the suspects.

4.  Hazardous Rescue Drill Cadet Equipment:  Dollar store flashlight, and Rescue Hero "buddy". Each cadet was asked to bring his favorite rescue hero which we used for this drill.   The mission:  The rescue hero buddies are trapped in a dangerous location and need the cadets to come in and rescue them. For this drill, I turned off all lights in the basement (representing a smoke filled dangerous environment) and the cadets needed to take turns coming downstairs to find the rescue heroes using their flashlights.  As each hero was found I had the cadets place them in a rescue basket (which I carried near them).  To make sure nobody was frightened, I brought them all into the room with the lights on and explained the drill.  The cadets all graduated, receiving (in addition to equipment above) dollar store badges commemorating their graduation.

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