Princess Jasmine Party

Arabian/Jasmin -6yr- Backyard Arabian Tent




caroline in Simpsonville, S.C. USA


July 2009


Honorable Mention

My twins wanted an Aladdin party" after seeing the Disney movie.  

Invitation: I cut out an Arabian city landscape out of cardboard and painted it (white buildings with gold spires).  I put it on navy paper with a sticker of Jasmine & Aladdin flying in the sky on a magic carpet and added glitter glue starts.  It read "It's time for Julia & Sydney's 6th birthday event Please join us for their party under an Arabian tent Learn to tie a turban and play an Aladdin Bingo¬Ě game Sift for treasures in the sand and make a jeweled frame Visit our city of Agrabah where magic carpets fly You'll get a picture of yourself soaring in the sky We'd love to have you at this affair So please RSVP so we can prepare The best-dressed Arabian prince or princess will receive a prize so to come like Jasmine or Aladdin would be wise!"

Decorations: I completely cleared out my living room.  I put a table in the corner with clear frames jewels and glue for kids to make a decorative bordered frame.  I constructed a HUGE cardboard box castle in the other corner.  In the 3rd corner I had a bean bag toss game.  This was scrap wood that my husband had.  I used a projector and traced an Aladdin scene on it painted it and my husband cut 4 holes to toss the bags. 

The last open space was "musical magic carpets".  This was fabric I found in the remnant bin at Wal-Mart with tassels sewn on the corners.  The carpets were circled around a "sand pit" (kiddie pool covered in gold fabric and filled with sand".

The den was COMPLETELY covered floor to ceiling with maroon silky fabric to resemble an Arabian tent.  I found pillow shams at Old Time Pottery for $1.00 and bought 15 of them and stuffed them and threw them on the floor. Activities: My husband took a huge scrap piece of wood and I used a projector again to make an image of Aladdin & Jasmine on the carpet.  He cut out the faces and hinged them.  The boys unhinged Aladdin and put their head in for a picture w/Jasmine and the girls did it with Aladdin. 

As each guest arrived we printed theses right away.  I showed the boys how to twist a turbin (compliments of a YouTube video I found) Inside the castle I had small tables with Aladdin coloring pages and crayons tea sets and Aladdin books.  This kept the kids occupied when wating for their turn at a game.  

Games: Musical magic carpets (like musical chairs) bean bag toss and "Jasmine Bingo".  The bingo I made with clipart in Microsoft Word "table" form.  After kids took turns on the games I gathered everyone together for a "treasure hunt" (chocolate gold coins hidden in the sand pool that kids dug for blindfolded).  We then went to the den for cake and snack.

Snacks: Dried fruit and apricots bread from local Indian restaurant a cake shaped like Jasmine's castle

Costumes: Everyone showed up in costume- even the adults!  The best dressed girl got bracelets and clip-on earrings (Good Will) and the best dressed boy got sand (moonsand)

Favors: White lunch bags with Aladdin's lamp drawn on and personalized with names. Each guest put in the the prizes they won for favors (bedazzled notebook from bean bag toss jeweled frame picture recorder or plastic snake from carpet game and coloring page). 

The party was such a success that one of the guests talked to a friend of hers from the local paper and they contacted me and did an interview and pictures!  It was the best party I've done yet.  The memories of the laughter and squeals of the children still makes me smile! "

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