Princess Jasmine Party

Royal Beach Party -6yr- Royal Horse Procession




Rochelle in McMinnville, Oregon USA


July 2009



For my daughter's 6th birthday, I had to incorporate two things:  Princess Jasmine and Horses. 

I started off by ordering invitations with Princess Jasmine on them from an online stationary store.  The invitations were so adorable.  I mailed them out two months before the party since it was a destination birthday party. Friends and family were invited to the beach (about an hour from where we live) where we all rented cabins or camped out.  

On the morning of the party, my niece ran into the cabin where my daughter was and presented her with a scroll.  My niece said that a bird had flown by and dropped it on the ground.  It was a letter from Princess Jasmine all the way from Agrabah! It said:  Dear Isabella Abu came and told me today is your birthday Party! Oh how I wish I could join you on such a momentous day! Aladdin and I hope your day is filled with all the magic and wonder a princess like you deserves! You are truly a beautiful and special little girl! I have arranged for a surprise for you today so be on the lookout from something from Agrabah! Have a wonderful birthday party today Isabella! Love Princess Jasmine"  My daughter was so excited to know that Princess Jasmine knew it was her birthday! 

I had a friend make a Princess Jasmine riding hat with a veil.  We did it in the lavender color that Jasmine wears.  I also bought her Princess Jasmine jeans that had Jasmine painted down the leg riding boots and a new jasmine tshirt. This was all wrapped up and Bella opened this present first before getting ready to leave for the horseride.   At 11:30 the Royal Horse Ride was to commence! (I printed up flyers with the directions to the horse rental place and handed them out to everyone that morning) Everyone met up at the horse rental place and got on their horses.  Some of the smaller kids road with their Moms or Dads. 

Then the ride took off... As the riders were coming to the end of the beach ride a genie popped out on the sand (this was my brother all dressed up in a genie suit) and stopped the horse procession.  He read the following scroll:  "Greetings Royal Party Guests! I hail from the royal palace of Princess Jasmine in Agrabah. My name is Nabdoo Royal Herald of the Court.  (bow) I come bearing a special decree from the princess herself.  From this day forward all through the land this day will be known as Princess Isabella Day.  All inhabitants shall acquiesce to all of Princess Isabella's wants and wishes.  Furthermore all royal subjects must celebrate the day with the traditional Arabian Sweet Treasure Hunt! 

I have divided the royal subjects into two groups and after you receive your first clue the Sweet Treasure Hunt will commence!   Good luck to all teams! On behalf of Princess Jasmine I wish you all a wonderful day!  Please proceed with the remainder of your Royal Horse Ride! Farewell! (bow)"  It was awesome!!!  All the adults were giggling and the kids were listening intently!    Everyone went back to the horse rental place and dismounted and started the Sweet Treasure Hunt which the first clue took everyone back to the park we were staying at. 

There were 5 clues (rhyming) and lead the two groups around the park.  At the end the party goers found a large Disney Princess pinata!  Once the treasure hunt was complete it was time for lunch.  I did a  lunch of cold cut sandwiches caesar salad cole slaw fresh fruit with fruit dip chips and sodas.  There were a lot of adults at the party and so I didn't do a kid's menu.   The birthday cake was a sheet cake which I had a sugar decal of princess jasmine and aladdin riding a white horse placed on top.  

After everyone ate my daughter opened her gifts and then cake was served.   All the kids were given a goody bag with princess jasmine bubbles and trinkets as well as candy.    Then everyone went swimming at the pool!     It was a very fun and tiring birthday party but one my daughter will never forget! "

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