Princess Jasmine Party

Arabian Princess 6yr - Carpet to Agrabah




Shai in Slidell


August 2008


Honorable Mention

My 6 year old daughter celebrated her birthday as Jasmine the Arabian princess from Aladdin. It was very difficult to find party products that featured only Jasmine. Many of the Disney products feature all of the princes's. We started off with a very simple invitation that read: Come take a magic carpet ride to Agrabah to join Pricess Angelle as Princess Jasmine to celebrate her 6th birthday. Upon entering the palace you will be transformed into an arabian prince or princess and enjoy crafts, games and dancing. My church fellowship center was the location of the party. The night before the center was transformed into an Arabian palace.

The frame of a 10X10 outdoor canapy tent was draped in sheer panels of tourqoise,lavender and green. Circle shaped garland trimmed the canopy. This area was set up for the children. My daugheter sat at the head of the table on a peacock foot stool and the round table was covered with a purple plastic table cloth. A gorgeous tin peakcok complete with feathers was used as the centerpiece (both items purchased from Collections, etc.) A long table was placed mid way the round table and covered in green.

Both tables were flat and placed on milk crates which allowed the children to sit and eat on the magic carpet ( A blue, green and purple color block rug). Matching throw pillows were placed around the two tables and two peacock vases were used as centerpieces for the long table. Both tables were set with blue, green and purple plastic cutlery and paper plates. I laso added green plastic wine glasses (Oriental after Christmas sale) and a pair of Mardi Gras beads at each palce setting and used coin wraped silver and gold bubble gum to accent the tables.

All adult tables included tourquoise, green or purple covering with color coordinated ballons and blue, green and purple snakes on tahe table. The walls of the center were decorated with a scene of the dessert drawn by a high school art staudent and I also included a large King Tut head and Queen Nefertiti. My daughter was dressed as Princess Jasmine (Purchased the costume after Halloween $4.00) and I dressed as Cleopatra ($10.00).

My nephew greeted guests and was the host of the games dressed as a Sultan in a blue and gold costume ($12.00). The girl's were given hip scarves, face veils,bell bracelets and anklets ( All sewn by my Aunt). Their faces were made up at the make-up table when they entered the palace. I even included jewelry tattoos (Oriental trading) for their forehead. They had a blast playing dress-up and dancing to Aladin's theme song. The boy's enjoyed coloring egyptian collars and cuffs  ( Oriental trading).

Games included: Wrap the mummy, musical magic lamp, pass the scarab and a scavenger hunt. This was a birthday party my daughter will never forget. The children were served chicken nugget kabobs which were nuggets, tomatoes and cheese placed on a cucumber with olives for eyes and a pimento for a tongue to look like a snake. I also included a chocalate fountain with mashmellows, pineapples, strawberries, grapes and pretzel sticks. This is messy but a big hit for parties.The kids and adults could not stay away!

As a take home gift each girl received a gift box that included Jasmine's buble bath, heart shaped soap ( Purchased from Wal-mart; 1/2 price the day after christmas)and a mummy pop. The boy's received a sword with a small gift bag attached which included a toy snake, scarab ( Bug shaped gummy candy) and a mummy pop. The mummy pops are delicious! They were also purchased last year after Halloween from Oriental Trading. This was a beautifully decorated party.

Everyone had a great time. The parents even stayed with their kid's. The next morning was Sunday as I looked in the children's choir and noticed one of the girl's in her hip scarf. Her grandmother said she could not get her to take it off.

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