Princess Jasmine Party

Princess Jasmin Party 3yr - Raja & Abu Ears




Terri in Bainbridge, PA USA


March 2007



My daughter loves Princess Jasmine and wanted that to be the theme for her 3rd birhday party.  So, I started researching...only to discover that there are not that many Princess Jasmine things out there!  I used several Princess websites to get some coloring pages off of.  We made her invitations on the computer using a pretty picture of Jasmine in front of the royal castle.  They said You are invited...to a Whole New World for Jaelyn's 3rd Brithday"  They turned out really cute! 

My daugher was dressed as Princess Jasmine (thanks to her Aunt who made the costume) and greeted everyone as they came.  The first thing the kids did was to choose to make either Raja or Abu ears.  This was such a fun simple craft.  I purchased plastic headbands from Walmart.  The fur came from a local theatre which uses very realistic looking props. 

The fur was just leftover scraps that were going to be thrown away!  I drew a template of the ears so the kids could just trace it onto the fur and then also on pink felt (for the inside of the ears).  Once everything was cut out it just got hot glued onto the headband.  Everyone LOVED it and the kids had so much fun pretending to be Raja and Abu. 

Next we did some coloring pages that I had printed out.  After a few minutes of that my daughter got a call from Princess Jasmine which was a major highlight for her.  We found a website that you could arrange for a call from a Disney character so we arranged for Princess Jasmine to call with a birthday greeting.  When she called we put the phone on speakerphone so everyone could hear...the looks on all the kids' faces was priceless! 

After that we played Musical Magic Carpets.  I borrowed some carpet remnants and put a picture of Aladdin and Jasmine on the Magic Carpet on them.  We played to the tune of Aladdin music of course.  This kids had so much fun and we played quite a few rounds of this! 

After the game we opened presents and then it was time for cake and ice cream.  I made her cake the day before and decorated it like the magic carpet…complete with real tassels!   

For party favors we decorated bags with Jasmine stickers.  Everyone got Aladdin/Jasmine pens a tablet parrot stickers and pencil (for Iago) a little Jasmine mirror (found at a party store) and a gold necklace like Jasmine wears (also found at a party store).  After much planning the party turned out to be a success!!!"

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