Princess Jasmine Party

Princess Jasmine 5yr - Crowns & Turbins




Pam in Simpsonville, SC USA


August 2005


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted a Princess Jasmine party for her 5th birthday.  In planning the  party, I found several websites dedicated to Aladdin that had images, coloring pages,  information, etc.  These were great resources.  I made the invitations in the shape of a  magic carpet using gold & purple card stock & decorative cutting scissors for added  design.  I wrote on it Come Join Us For A Magic Carpet Ride followed by the details.   On the envelope, I printed a clip-art picture of Jasmine.  As the guests arrived, they  colored pages of characters from the movie printed from the internet. 

Then the  birthday girl’s dad dressed up as the narrator from the movie using a white sheet with  a belt wrapped around it for a sarong-type outfit & a towel on his head for a turban.   He said a bit welcoming everyone to Agrabah and showed them a magic lamp  (purchased at a costume shop).  (This idea comes from the very beginning of the  movie.)  He asked the birthday girl to rub the lamp to see what would happen.  I then showed the part of the movie where the Genie sings the song after Aladdin rubs the  lamp in the cave.

 During that, her dad changed into a Genie outfit (just a blue T-shirt  & shorts & gold wrist bands) and asked the birthday girl what her 1st wish would be.   Planned ahead of time, she wished everyone could have a crown like Jasmine or a  hat like Aladdin.  The girls then made crowns from turquoise poster board cut into  strips.  They glued on a gold circle in the center cut from vellum and a turquoise jewel.   The boys made Aladdin’s hat using a 16oz margarine container which they covered  in a reddish poster board cut to size.  I also provided sequins, beads and markers for  embellishment. 

Her 2nd wish was to play a game with her friends.  We played  musical magic carpets.  I bought old carpet samples from a design shop for $1 each.   While the kids walked around the carpets, I played A Whole New World from the  Aladdin CD.  Of course, when the music stopped, they would sit on a carpet.  There  was one less carpet than kids, so the one without a carpet got to be the Keeper of the  Lamp and sit on a chair in the middle holding the lamp.  I took one carpet away and  the next person without a carpet sat in the center while the last one out went back into  the circle, so no one was eliminated from the game.  (An unintended result after a few  rounds was that everyone wanted to be the Keeper so instead of rushing to a carpet,  the kids tried to avoid it.  In the end, I made sure everyone got at least one turn in the  middle.) 

Next I told the kids Jasmine had told me she couldn’t find Rajah and needed  their help to find him.  I gave them a clue of a character they should find to help them  and they searched in the yard for a picture I had taped up of the character (clip-art  printed from the web), then another and another, until they finally found Rajah which  was a figurine of Rajah we happened to already have. 

For her 3rd wish, the birthday  girl wished to have cake & snacks with her friends.  I tried to have snacks sticking with  the color scheme of gold, turquoise & purple and the magic carpet theme:  chex mix  with yellow and blue m&ms, yellow, blue and purple fruit loops, and purple and gold  goldfish along with pretzels and chex; cheese cut into rectangles and in the shape of  stars; cantaloupe and red grapes.  The bakery decorated a rectangle cake similar to  the invitation and I bought a Jasmine stamp at a party store for the top of the cake as a  figurine. 

For party favors, the girls received beaded socks with an image of Jasmine  on the side (ordered online).  For the boys, I bought a toy car and put Genie stickers  on it to create a Genie-mobile.

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