Princess Jasmine Party

Jasmine Party 7yr - Musical Magic Carpets




Melissa in Chester, NJ, USA


Oct 2003


Honorable Mention

Jasmine Party, 7 years old.  This first grader was into Jasmine and so wanted a Jasmine party...not too much out there!  We were able to find costumes, so the birthday girl dressed as Jasmine from the Disney Store, and I (as the adult entertainer) dressed as a Jasmine-like character in a purple harem costume (no belly baring!). 

When the girls arrived, I offered them a Jasmine crown, which was a gold strip of cardboard with a green or blue paper jewel on the front.  They could also choose from the collection of princess dresses available (a few were Jasmine costumes) and I offered them makeup.  Then they sat down to work on a Jasmine activity book that I put together, which had coloring pages (found on ivyjoy.com) and a Jasmine wordsearch. When everyone had arrived, I started with a story called "If you Met Jasmine." 

Then we played "Musical Magical Carpets."  I had printed out picture of Aladdin and Jasmine flying on the carpet and copied enough for everyone.  They placed their carpet on the floor and danced to the "Aladdin" soundtrack.  I removed one carpet and when the music stopped, they all had to grab a carpet.  The one without a carpet was cast under a spell, and had to sit out that round.  The music started again, and I removed another carpet and when the next girl was out, the first girl had the spell broken and returned to the game.  I didn't removed any other carpets, so there was no winner...just girls who had the spell cast on them! 

After that, it was time for the Genie to appear!  We went to the window and rubbed the magic lamp I brought with me (purchased from a party store) and wished for the genie.  Outside the window, another adult set off colored smoke bombs and then the Genie appeared (dad in a costume!)  We ran to the door where the Genie met us and then he granted us several wishes.  When one girl wished for a dog, their pet dog came into the room (arranged by mom!!). 

When one girl wished for a flower, he went out to the potted plants on the porch and picked one!  It was all impromptu, and those wishes he couldn't grant he simply said "Maybe some day your wish will come true!!"  I wished that he would dance with the birthday girl, and of course he did!! After the genie disappeared, we wished for something to eat, then followed the birthday girl to the kitchen for pizza. 

After lunch,we had the craft.  The birthday girl had specifically requested candy-making for the party, so they made candy bracelets and magic lantern lollipops.  The latter was a kit from RoseArt - each child received a packet of "magic powder" and added the water that the recipe required and mixed it!  I then helped them pour it into the magic lamp mold (purchased separately...not with the kit...from online)and they were refrigerated.  They turned out to be a cross between gummi candy and jello jigglers!

After the craft, the next game was Pin the Lamp in Jasmine's hand, which was an enlarged picture of Jasmine with magic lamp cutouts that they had to try to place on the poster while blindfolded.  Then we had the treasure hunt, another request from the birthday girl.  I printed out a treasure map with pictures of Jasmine characters (Aladdin, Iago, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, etc) and copied them, then cut them into puzzle pieces.  I gave them the first piece which had a picture of Jasmine and said "Kitchen." 

We went into the kitchen to search for Jasmine, and found a little PVC character of her along with the next piece of the map.  This continued until we had all six pieces...they put it together and found that the treasure was in a closet.  The birthday girl opened the closet and found a treasure chest pinata! 

After the pinata we wished for birthday cake and followed the birthday girl to the kitchen again and ate!  As they ate, some adult helpers took out the lollipops, added the sticks and gave them to the girls to eat along with the cake.  All in all, it was quite a magical party!!!

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