Power Rangers Party

Power Rangers -5yr- Ranger T-shirts




Sara in Round Lake Beach, IL, USA


August 2006



For my son's fifth birthday party, he wanted a "Power Rangers SPD" party.  Though Power Rangers has been around a long time, the SPD version was only out for one season.  This made it difficult to find much matching partyware.  We found napkins, plates and coloring books, but little else.   

Invitations: We printed up invitations with a picture of the Rangers on the front and the inside stated: "SPD Emergency - You have been selected to join the forces of good as we try to save Quinn's fifth birthday party from the mean Krybots."  We also listed when training was to begin and where the command base was. 

The Party:  When the guests arrived, they were told that to be Power Rangers, they must look like Power Rangers.  So each child found his/her seat at the table labeled with their name on a paper gun cutout.  Under the gun, was a t-shirt with the same picture as the invitation (made with a ink jet printer iron-on)and a white cardstock mask in the shape of an SPD Ranger.  The children were to color their mask and could put on their shirt.  (If they chose not to change - it went in their goodybag.   

Once coloring was completed, the kids brought their gun over to a large poster of a megazord and were told that they needed to learn to use their weapons.  One at a time, each guest was blindfolded (using a mask without the eye holes cut out) and asked to "put the gun in the megazord's hand".  Whomever was closest was deemed the winner. 

Next the children put on their masks and headed downstairs to the basement (it was 96F outside) where my husband had set up an obsticle course for them to "continue their training". 

Next it was upstairs for cake and drinks.  Although I could not find a Power Rangers SPD cake, we made due with using the figures that my son had for cake toppers.    Then we set in a circle and Quinn opened his presents.  While they were eating cake, my husband had cleared the obsticle course and hung the pinata.  It was decorated as the face of the Krybot.  Each child took turns hitting it until it burst open showering them with SPD stickers and candy.   

Finally, the children were given a goody bag with their name and a cardstock cutout of the SPD badge on it.  Inside was their shirt (or the one they changed out of), their mask, an SPD coloring book, a squirt gun and a couple of vehicles.  

Thank you notes:  Thank you cards were printed using the same picture as the invitations and the t-shirts.

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