Power Rangers Party

Power Rangers & Princess - Ranger Shields




Jill in Rochester, IN, USA


April 2005



My boy/girl twins turned 5 last year. My son wanted Power Rangers, my daughter wanted Disney Princesses. I wanted to have one party. I decided to throw a double-themed party. I sent invites to the girls in the class from my daughter, boys from my son. We have a large deck which provided ample room for double everything. 

The Princess invites were done like a invite to a royal celebration. I made them on the computer. The outside had Princess clipart and said, "Hear Ye Hear Ye!! By order of the King and Queen: Princess {girl's name} is cordially invited to {Our Last Name} Castle to join in the royal celebration of Princess {Daughter's Name} Fifth Birthday.  The inside of the invite read: The Royal Celebration will be held at {Last Name} Castle 123 Main Street Festivities will begin at 2pm on Monday the 28th of June Please have your carriage arrive for you at 4pm when the celebration concludes. Please RSVP with the Queen Mom at {phone number} if you plan to attend this royal gala.  I also included directions to our house. 

The Power Ranger invites had bold stripes in yellow, red and blue--the Dino Thunder Ranger colors. The front said "You're invited to {Son's Name} Fifth Birthday Power Ranger Party" Inside included time, date, RSVP number and directions to the house. All done in the yellow/red/blue theme. 

The girls made princess crowns. I bought cheap birthday cone hats. I spray painted them silver and tucked white crepe paper through the top so it flowed out. The girls decorated them using foam shapes and glitter glue. I wrote their name along the bottom of the crowns.  The boys made Power Ranger Shields. I used large paper plates spray painted silver as well. I used string to make a handle. They also used foam shapes and glitter glue to decorate. Their names were written in big letters across the front of the shield. 

Games included a pinata for each-- I bought these. :) I also made Pin the ____ games for each theme.  The girls had Pin the Wand on the Fairy Godmother. I drew and painted the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella onto a large piece of poster board. Each girl got a wand (made using a Paint program and printed). The boys played Pin the shield on the Power Ranger. Again, I drew and painted the Red Ranger on poster board.  Each of them had their own cake as well.

My daughter had a pink castle cake that used ice cream cones for the towers and icing to make doors and windows. My son's cake had blue, yellow, red and green stars all over a white layer cake. 

The girls goodie bags had feather boa's, princess stickers, balloons and candy. The boy's goodie bags had "jelly" bugs, Power Ranger stickers, balloons and candy. 

This double-themed party worked out great!! By keeping to the themes, but doing the same thing for each everything went smoothly. Everyone had a blast. And I got LOTS of compliments.

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