Power Rangers Party

Power Rangers Party -5yr- Ranger Games




Cassie in Beverly Hills, CA USA


October 2006


Honorable Mention

My little boy wanted a Power Rangers birthday party for his 5th birthday.

When the children arrived, we went to the deck and they painted Power Rangers shields. For this, I stapled elastic to paper plates, and then spray-painted the paper plates a shiny chrome silver. I had styrofoam bowls on the table filled with paint in Power Rangers colors, and the kids painted their shields. While they did this, I gave any kids who wanted one a Power Rangers tattoo (purchased from Oriental Trading company).

After they finished their shields and got their tattoos, we went inside for lunch, which was pizza, lots of fresh fruit, and chocolate milk. The table was decorated with a Power Rangers tablecloth, and all Power Rangers tableware. I also purchased 2 Power Rangers sheets from ebay and hung them on the walls as backdrops. 

After they finished lunch, we went outside again for our Power Rangers Training Camp. We had 6 tests in the training camp, each of which taught a Power Rangers lesson. The first Power Rangers lesson was being careful, and for that the kids carried some colored eggs - I used plastic eggs from Easter decorations - across the lawn. All the kids did this just fine.  Since my little boy's favorite type of Power Rangers are the Dino Thunder Power Rangers, I had tiny plastic dinosaurs inside the eggs.  

The second item in the training camp was a lesson in teamwork. For this, I used water balloons, and had the kids pick a partner. They either linked arms back-to-back, or facing each other, with a balloon in-between them, and walked back across the lawn with the balloon.

When we reached the other side of the lawn, they did the third Power Ranger lesson, which was being strong, and they had a blast throwing the water balloons and smashing them.

The fourth Power Ranger lesson was defeating the bad guys. For this, I bought 3 Doodle Monster stuffed animals from Walmart. I sat the stuffed animals on boxes, and had the kids throw bean bags at them to knock them down.

The fifth Power Ranger lesson was saving the good guys. For this, I put several wall-walkers (inexpensive toys in the 88-cent aisle Walmart) and put them in the plastic swimming pool. The wall-walker characters were Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer and Boots the Monkey. The kids had to use minnow nets to fish out the wall-walkers and save the characters. 

The sixth training camp item was an obstacle course, and it again had saving the good guys as the theme. The obstacle course had the kids crawl under a lawn chair, and then hop on a small trampoline, and then climb the ladder of a  little slide. At the top of the slide, I had hung little stuffed animal puppies - one for each kid - which were hanging from a tree by a ribbon. I told the kids that the puppies had gotten their collars stuck on a hook, and it was up to them to save the puppies and take them home and give them a good home. Each child rescued a puppy and then slid down the slide. 

After all the kids had completed the training camp, I gave them gold medals to wear around their neck, and a Power Rangers mask and a Power Rangers ring and Power Rangers stickers. I also gave them Power Rangers gift bags, which I made by glueing pictures of Power Rangers onto gift bags purchased at Hobby Lobby in Power Rangers colors.  

Then, we went back inside and  ate the Power Rangers birthday cake, and opened presents. The last item on the agenda was the Power Rangers pinata.  Other decorations that made the party feel special were Power Rangers posters that I made. They came out incredibly well.

I bought a Power Rangers coloring book and, using a Xerox machine, copied some of the figures onto transparencies. Then, I used an overhead projector and traced the pictures onto large stiff posterboard. Then, I painted the figures. I made 7 of these posters and set them around the party. They were a huge hit. I also bought an inflatable dinosaur from Oriental Trading, to go along with the Dino Thunder theme. The kids loved it and kept trying to ride him.

I also made a sign for the yard that said Power Rangers Training Camp, and tied groups of balloons onto several things in the yard to set the party mood.  The last thing we did before the kids left was to take everyone's picture in front of one of the Power Rangers sheets, in order to have a picture of each child to send home with the thank you notes.

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