Power Rangers Party

Power Ranger -5yr- Red Ranger, Green Ranger




Marcie in Franklin, Tennessee USA


August 2002


Honorable Mention

My five-year old son wants a Power Ranger Birthday.  We have been able to find paper goods and decorations on various websites. 

The trick was games and activities for the party.  The children's ages will range from 3 to 11, only about 10 guests.  We have decided to do the following activities: 

1.Krytonite Throw:  Collect several bean bags and let each guest throw designated number of bags as far as he can, giving it a good "superhero" throw.  The child whose bag goes the farthest wins. 

2.Giant Bouncy Ball Throw:  Place a container and let children stand about 6 feet away.  Bounce ball and try to get it in the bucket.  The child with the most throws in wins.  Can give bouncy ball as party favor. 

3.Balloon Pop:  Blow up balloons and fasten to fence in direct sunlight.  Give each child a magnifying glass and let them pop balloons using the sunlight through the glass.  The first balloon popped wins.  Give magnifying glass as favor. 

4.  Balloon Stomp:  Blow up gray balloons to represent "puddies".  Let the children stomp the "puddies"/bad guys. 

5.  Red Ranger/Green Ranger:  Play like red light/green light, but use the power ranger concept. 

6.  Red Rover:  play like traditional game, but use Red Ranger concept.  

For Favors:  bouncy ball magnifying glass Jelly beans in Power Ranger colors Play Doh in Power Ranger colors Power Ranger stickers Power Ranger trading cards Power Ranger balloons Power Ranger storybook/coloring book laser spin top glow-in-dark flying disc monster bookmark  Would give a variety, but not all. 

Cake Decoration:  Will use power ranger action figures to decorate top of sheet cake in power ranger colors(red green blue yellow pink white gold black--any combination) We have a puddy action figure and lots of sabers and laser guns, so it should be fairly easy to make some design. 

Other decorations:  Various websites have banners, table covers, etc.  Can use balloons in Power Ranger colors.  I think any traditional party game could be revamped into a Power Ranger theme or superhero theme.  The megazords on Power Rangers are made up of all the different Power Rangers and each Power Ranger represents a different animal. 

Game to play:  When each guest arrives, tape a different animal on their back.  Children have to ask questions to figure which animal they are.  Good icebreaker.  Some of the animals the Power Rangers are consist of shark, bull, lion, tiger, and eagle.

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