Power Rangers Party

Power Ranger Party -5yr - Morphing Rings




Jill in Ashburn, VA  USA


February 2007



For my son's 5th birthday we threw a fantastic power ranger party.  We made lightning bolt invitations, asking the kids to join the ranger academy and help defeat evil and save the world by attending the party. 

I baked a cake and put mini power rangers on top, decorated the house in classic ranger colors, and we had the following activities for the kids to train with the power rangers at the ranger academy.  We played power ranger theme music throughout.  

1. The kids got red and blue power ranger masks purchased from a party store.  Then I appeared in a power ranger costume and told them I'd gotten instructions from the red ranger to train them in ninja ranger moves.  We did a series of poses like martial arts poses along with the appropriate ranger up" and "hah" language to get the kids in gear.  

2. The next lesson taught the rangers in training to use your power wisely.  We made balloon swords for each kid the night before.  They had to use their ranger swords to hit the oncoming fireballs which were tons of blown up red balloons.  The kids went crazy and the game ended when the first balloon popped or someone forgot to use their power wisely.

3. The kids next learned about morphing.  As the power rangers morph the kids had to morph.  We handed out power morphing rings and played Red Ranger says morph into.  I looked up all the animals and nature forces that the rangers have morphed in to and called them out ( dinosaur tigerzord firebird thunderzord Ape Wolf Crane Frog and Bear;  thunder wind lightning;  tornado attack;  red lion yellow eagle white shark blue tiger black bear green gorilla wolf falcon; hawk lion dolphin; tree phoenix.)

4. The young rangers were now ready for battle.  We set up a series of bad guys and rangers (all action figures from our toy collection) and the kids had to bowl down the bad guys.  They each got three balls and a big cheer for their efforts.

5. After the battles were won the rangers embarked on a mythical adventure.  We set up an obstacle course where they had to walk across a table crawl through a tunnel climb over an obstacle and shimmy under a bridge.  They earned a ranger badge (stickers) at the end as they reach a safe land.   At the end of their hard training they earned cake and ice cream and some free time to enjoy their ranger rewards!   "

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