Power Rangers Party

Power Rangers Party - Five Power Ranger Tests




Alison in Kuwait


November 2010


Honorable Mention

Invitation: I bought the invitation, but usually print them.

Decorations:  I bought the decorations, but had a Power Rangers banner, and balloons.

Activities: We welcomed the kids and sat them at the dining table to decorate a 'gingerbread power ranger'.  I had coloured icing red, yellow, blue, green and lots of different sweets to decorate their bad guy or power ranger.  I named the plates before hand and so the children didn't make too much mess with the iding, but use a table cloth.  This is a great welcome activity as they are involved right from the beginning and parents can either help or chat. I then did some warm up activities - pass the parcel (as usual, with a sweet in each layer) then power rangers musical statues. When the music stopped the children had to strike a power rangers pose.  The best pose and the best statue went through to the next round. The best won.

Then we went outside.  I said that the power rangers had asked me to look for more talent - new power rangers.  I asid they had to achieve 5 things to pass - Being Careful, Being Strong, Defeating Bad Guys, Working together and Helping others - things you had to do to be a power Ranger.  The children got a certificate if they managed to do all the tasks. The first task was Being careful.  We had coloured eggs- red, blue  green, boiled then soaked in food colouring.  They were separated into teams and asked to carry an egg on a spoon around a track (our garden).  The first team 'won'. The second task was being strong/defeating bad guys.  I had painted a large 'bad guy' and the children had to throw water balloons and hit the target to score a point.  They kept their own score. The one with the highest score 'won'. (The parents liked this, particularly the competative ones).

The third task was to working together (part 1).  An older child had to help a younger child find a 'power stone', but they weren't allowed to touch it, they were only allowed to tell they where it was.  They collected them (coloured glass stones that you can put in the bottin of vases) in a plastic ziplock bag.  Name the bags before hand so you know who they belong to.  The pair with the most 'wins'.

The fourth task was a relay obstacle course.  I used foam mats (which I had in my son's bedroom) hoops, a musical mat for a river and a climbing frame).  They had to start in the hoops, step on the mats to avoid the crocodile infested river, jump the piranah infested river, run around and climb through the climbing frame (you could then incorporate task 5 here)and run back to their team. The next member of their team then did the same. The first team back 'won'.

They then ate, as some were leaving early.  I had power juice (7up/ lemonade with food colouring) and red jelly with power nuggets (mini marshmallows), plus the usual sandwiches (power ranger boy and girl), chicken nuggets, crips, popcorn, chocolate crispies etc

After, we had the fifth task, for working together (part 2) they had to find a partner, then turn back to back and link arms.  They had to fit a balloon between their backs and walk along a track without dropping the balloon.

Finally, for the sixth task they had to defeat the bad guys by throwing bean bags at bad guys (teddies)in a tree.  They all enjoyed in, especially the older children, determined to improve their aim.

Finally I brought the birthday cake out (a bought power rangers cake)and then while someone cut the cake and put it on plates I sat the children down and explained that th power Rangers were very impressed with their skills and wanted them to join the junior power ranger force.  They were presented with a certificate with their name saying they had completed 5 tasks (name them) and were now an honorary power rangers. They were presented with the certificate as well as their 'party bag' (printable power rangers bookmark, swirly straw, lollypop/chocolate, stickers, pencil, bubbles, etc They also took home their 'gingerbread power ranger'. 

I made a certificate on Microsoft Publisher with imported images fromt the internet. They went home exhausted, but happy; and that was just the parents! Hope this helps.  I was based on a variety of ideas from this site, classics and common sense.  It was not expensive as it uses whatever you have around the house and garden.  You just have to have lots of energy, which you already have if you have a son!  Happy partying! There were no costumes, but there could have been!  I didn't give prizes for each stage, but you could.

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