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My Little Pony Adventure -6yr- Little Pony Bingo




Diane in Conroy, Iowa, USA


January 2016



This is a My Little Pony themed adventure for a 6 year old girl. We were also celebrating her Golden birthday since she was six on the 6th of January.  The party had to be indoors due to the cold weather but this could be adapted and made much more active if I could have used the yard as well.  This party was for six girls and would have to be adapted for a large group.     

Invitations:  I bought the pre-made invitations from a party store.  We usually make them but my daughter preferred to use these. I only allow the number of guests that the child is old so she was allowed to invite up to 6 friends for this party.    

Decorations: We used invitations bought from a party store online.  We had a banner, swirl decorations and table decorations.  We also had a piñata and balloons.  We had a large scene setter that we taped across two windows in our dining room and the natural light lit it from behind which gave it a nice effect.   

Adventure: The adventure was set when Spike (the baby dragon from MLP which was the older brother) received a scroll from Princess Celestria.  The scroll told the party guests that the princess needed their help in restoring her powers. They had to complete five tasks and receive a hint to find one of the lost gems (from the elements of harmony) and then when they got all five gems the magic of friendship would restore her powers and they would receive the 6th gem and the celebration would begin (piñata time).  The gems were from a craft bag of gems I had purchased. They were the largest size and I put each one of them in a small drawstring bag I got from the wedding section in a discount store.   

Activities:    Gathering Activity:  I had a My Little Pony free download word search puzzle and I had taken out pages from a My Little Pony coloring book for the girls to work on while we waited for all the party guests to arrive.  When they arrived they also received a gold sash to wear.   This was added because my daughter was six on the sixth and we were celebrating her golden birthday.  Her sash had a special ribbon attached that said, Congratulations, It’s your Golden Birthday!   

My Little Pony Trivia: I told them a background story about how it all started to make sure everyone was familiar with the story.  I gave a summary of the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  At the end of the store, I had Spike read trivia questions and each girl answered at least one question from the group to earn the first clue. It came in the form of a scroll, which Spike read.  Since they ranged in ages from 5 to 7, my daughter’s brother was Spike and helped them read when necessary in the games.   

My Little Pony Bingo: I created Bingo cards on my computer and printed them out on cardstock.  Each card had the same characters or items from the show on them but mixed up in different places on the board.  I printed an extra and cut it up to make cards, which I drew from to call the items out on the board.  When they won bingo, they picked a prize that was really a word inside an Easter egg corresponding to the colors of the elements of harmony.  I made sure each girl won once and when they all had a colored egg they opened them to find one word in each clue. They had to work together to make that into a phrase. Spike reminded them of the words if they couldn’t read them.  That led them to the location of the hidden gem.   

Puzzle Mix-Up: This game was also homemade.  We printed out a background scene from MLP and then printed out a large picture of each of the six main ponies from the show.  I glued the large pony to the background and then glued a large piece of colored cardstock to the back of the scene.  I made six different pages each with a different colored background.  Then I cut them up into puzzle size pieces.  Then I mixed them up together in a large bag.  I told the girls that all the puzzles had been mixed up and they had to find all the pieces from their assigned color and put their puzzle together to find the next clue.  At the bottom of the puzzle was words and they had to come up to a sign I had glued to the window and fit their words into the puzzle to make a poem for the next clue.   

Building Challenge: I had taken my daughter’s Duplo princess castle and had my husband build a big castle on a large Duplo baseplate.  Then I put the castle on a blue tablecloth representing water.  I put the clue into one of the Duplo treasure chests.  The task was to use the remaining Duplo blocks to build a way from the floor to the castle to get to the treasure.  We had a small stool and a box to help them.  It worked better than I thought and the girls worked really well together.  Once they got the bridge/staircase build to the castle, they used a small pinkie pie to trot up to the castle and open the chest revealing the next clue.  This time it was a tiny book with a message written inside.   

Balloon Pop: We cut this clue up into words and placed each word in a balloon.  There were six balloon colors and six balloons of each color for a total of 36 balloons.  They had to take their assigned color and pop or look into each balloon and get the clue out of the balloon by popping it anyway they could by sitting on it or squeezing it and some even used a pencil to pop it.  Once they retrieved each one word from their set of balloons they had to put the words together to make the final clue.  (An example of a clue would be  A pony’s favorite treat to eat.  This gem was hidden in the apple bowl in the kitchen.)    After all five gems were found, they had to put them all down together and I repeated the five elements to make up friendship: loyalty, laughter, kindness, generosity, and honesty.  They had made up the magic of friendship and the sixth jewel appeared.  Mission complete.   

Piñata: I had purchased a Pinkie Pie Ribbon Pull Piñata from a party store.  Since there were 6 girls plus one older brother at the party, I had each one get a string and I counted 1-2-3-pull.  It made for a great photo opportunity.  There were enough strings to do that three times before we ran out of ribbons.  The only problem is that the string didn’t open the piñata far enough to let the candy out.  I had to give it a helpful rip to make it all out.  The kids really didn’t notice.  I also had to sprinkle some of the little toys over their hands that didn’t fit in the small sized piñata hole.   

After that, we sang happy birthday, blew out candles, ate and opened gifts. Party took right at about 2 hours to complete.    Party snacks:  We kept it real simple.  They had cake, vanilla ice cream, and juice boxes.  I purchased MLP tableware to go with it.   

Cake:  I made the cake with ½ white 8 x 13 cake and one 8 x 13 chocolate cake.  I made it a layer and a half so that I could make a waterfall running down the middle of the cake.  I added miniature ponies I purchased on the top along with flowers and candles.  I also made a double-sided rainbow out of cardstock and secured over the top of the river with toothpicks.  The cake was had green (grass/pasture) and blue (water) frosting with various decorations.  It turned out really cute and my daughter was thrilled she got the set of ponies to keep.   

Favors: Each girl received a My Little Pony favor bag with a bracelet, hair clips, pencil, MLP temporary tattoos, and one miniature My Little Pony that I purchased from a party shop.  In addition, they took home the puzzle they made from the Puzzle Mix-Up game, candy and toys from the piñata, and one of the purple drawstrings sacks with one of the gems inside.  They also took home a gold sash that received when they arrived and could take the coloring pages or puzzles they did at the gathering time.

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