Pony Party

Unicorn Party -6yr- Hoof Spa




Erica in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada


March 2012


Honorable Mention

INVITATION  For the invitation we went online and found unicorn colouring page. We then glued it to some colourful construction paper. On the back we glued a white sheet of computer paper. We wrote all the party info on that (the party was 3 hours long). 

DECORATIONS  The whole party was outside except for kids going to the bathroom. We decorated our gate to look like a barn door. We also had a sigh on the front lawn that said WELCOME TO SHADY LANES FARM" (Shady Lanes is just a random name we chose for our "farm". In the backyard we had a table set up on our deck which was the feeding stall.

On the table we had a unicorn themed table cloth and a few vases with timothy hay (can be purchased at any pet store-our guinea pig eats it). We also had some balloons and streamers (hung from our Pergola). We used some plywood to create stalls and put two toy chairs back to back inside. Then we put homemade saddles on them. At Wal-Mart we found unicorn heads on sticks. We secured them in front and this was our "petting zoo". Other than that we didn't have many decorations. 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES  For the activities we went to the "petting zoo"(there were 5 stalls) and the kids were allowed to pet and ride the unicorns. We did this till' everyone arrived. After everyone was there we did an obstacle course. The story we told to the kids was that a unicorn lost its horn and they needed to find it and pin it back on the unicorn. They went through an obstacle course using different backyard objects (chairs hula hoop tunnel etc.) Then they pinned the horn on the unicorn (the unicorn and it's horn was made from poster board). Then we did an oat eating contest. All the kids had to do was eat a pile of cheerios (or oats) using only their mouths.

Next they did some unicorn jumping (we rented a bouncy castle from a local pre-school. Last before the children ate lunch the kids went to the "hoof spa". My mom and a friend helped me paint the kids nails and do a mini spa. Once their nails were dry they ate lunch. After lunch the kids made unicorn drool (pink silly putty) the recipe is simply 3/4 cups water+1/2 cup of glue and food dye. In another bowl 1/2 cup of water+2tsp of borax (found in the laundry soap isle). Now just mix the two * and mix! 

PARTY SNACKS/CAKE  Since the party was from 1-4pm our menu wasn't that big. We had some horsey treats (carrots and dip apple slices cheerios and "hay"-pringles sticks-). We also had cookies shaped like horses (we couldn’t find unicorn ones) and apple juice or water to drink. For the cake we actually did cupcakes but before I frosted them I arranged them like a unicorn. Then I frosted them all together with white frosting so it looked like a unicorn. I used different kinds of candy for details. 

FAVOURS  As party favours we gave the kids their unicorn drool they made (one batch makes enough for 3-4 kids). They also got a unicorn charm bracelet Chap Stick and tattoo (all found at the dollar store). We also found unicorn themed colouring books and crayons. We put these in regular gift bags. 

TOTAL COST OF PARTY  Renting the bouncy castle was $40. The party favours and supplies were $100. The food (including the cake) was $40. Other things were about $25. So the total cost of the party was about $205. Pretty cheap. Of course we spent about a day preparing for and having the party.   "

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