Pony Party

Little Einsteins Party - Trip Around the World




Rachel in Baton Rouge, La  USA


November 2006



A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my son's birthday and had a Little Einstein themed party.

I created invitations and printed them with the 4 characters and rocket saying we're on a mission to celebrate his birthday.

I made the cake and drew Rocket in icing. We had big music notes hanging from the porch, plenty of balloons, prints of famous art work posted around, a cake shaped fun-jump/spacewalk, and the Little Einstein's CD playing. I printed coloring pages from Disney's website for those who didn't want to jump to have something to do.

For the main theme activity, I made 7 posters with images to represent the continents and everyone at the party followed my son, dressed in his Rocket costume, thru the house for a trip around the world...at each location the kids got a treasure for their goodie bag that fit the place they were visiting ("boomerang" whistles from Australia, wind-up penguins from Antarctica, "monkey paw" clappers from the jungles of South America, Chinese yo-yo's from Asia, etc.).

Tableware was just primary colors.

Snacks were animal crackers, bugles, goldfish, fruits, cheeses, etc. Oh, for the hats I did basic colors but dressed them up with music note stickers.

The thank you notes I printed myself also; they had Leo, June, Annie and Quincy with word bubbles saying "thank you very much" each in a different language.

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