Pony Party

My LIttle Pony Party -4yr- Pony Piñata




Jill in Locust Grove, VA, USA


December 2011


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th Birthday we had a My LIttle Pony Party. 

For invitations we used store bought ones but jazzed them up with My LIttle Pony stickers and colorful pens.  For decorations I drew my daughters favorite ponies dressed in party outfits. Each poster had b-day message for my daughter. I had pink and purple table cloths for the tables and in the center of each table was a small balloon bouquet of three pink,purple, and blue baloons and a MLP Mylar balloon. The balloons were achored down by MLP tin purses I got from a dollar store in town. we did the rest of the decorations with pink and purple streamers. We decorated the cake and food table with a MLP tablecloth and some of my daughters MLPs.  

For activities I labeled each station with a sign that named the activity along with a MLP that went along with the activity. First we had color a pony with Rainbow Dash. I printed MLP coloring sheets online and put the crayons in a MLP tin. We used my daughters table out of her playroom to make it easy for the little ones. At pony dress up with Rarity Pony I made Pony head pieces for each of the girls. I used colorful hairl bands and tied on different color curly sting to make a mane. Then I hot glued the ears on using pink and purple foam and adding a smaller piece of glitter foam to make the ears look more realistic. Then each girl had to pick out a Cutie Mark. I used temporary tatoos with flowers, butterflies, and sunshine. Each child got to pick their own. Then we had pin the tail on the pony with Shutterfly. I drew a picture of Shutterfly without her tail. I then made a tail out of the colorful curly ribbon I had.

Next we played the great pony hunt with Apple Jack. The girls lined up to choose a color and then they had to go outside and find that color Easter egg. Inside the egg was a number that went to a book. I didn't have the girls bring my daughter a gift instead each child had to bring a wrapped book under $10 to share in a book exchange. We numbered the books as they cam in and put them in a pretty wooden laundry basket. Then we play Pony Piñata with Pinkie Pie. We had a Pinkie Pie piñata with strings for the girls to pull and then fill up their goodie bags. At each game they were all winners and each girl got a small MLP. I went and got a bunch from a fast-food restraint when they had them as their toy prize. Then we had Pony Bucking with Twilight Sparkle. We had a small moon bounce for  the kids. The last activity was Pony Round up with all the ponies. I taped down horse shoes in a circle the girls had to go from horse shoe to horse until the music stopped. If they were not on a horse shoe they were out. We finished with cake and snacks.

I made the cake myself since I am starting to do cake decorating on the side. I made a half sheet cake and then bought a castle cake pan. I used white chocolate with some color to fill in the castle mold. I decorated the cake with pink icing and a blue border.then I set some wooden cake rods on the back of the chocolate castle with more chocolate I them inserted the castle into the cake and added floors to the doors and window with icing. Then I placed small MLP onto cake in different places. I found little MLPs at a party stor e and I got some from a fast-food kids meal. The girls loved it especially the pony head pieces and cutie marks. We had the party in the community center in out subdivision. My daughter still talks about it when we pass the community center.

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