Pony Party

Little Einsteins Party -5yr- Art Craft Stations




Jenny in Chico, CA , U.S.A.


October 2006



For my Daughter's 5th birthday, she really wanted a Little Einstein's (From Disney's Little Einsteins on Disney Channel) Themed Party.  I couldn't find anything, so we started from scratch. 

We sent out invitations with pictures of rocket saying "We're going on a trip on our favorite Rocket Ship to \*\*\*\*\*\*\*'s party!" 

On the day of the party we had classical music playing in the background as guests arrived. 

We had different art stations set up. Sculpting with homemade playdough, Sidewalk art, this was really fun as I bought some of the prints of art that they used on the show, but you could pick any of your favorite art.  I posted them on the garage door and the kids could pick one as their inspiration.  We then took pictures with everyone's art. 

We then had a flight of the "Rockets" through the "Clouds"  I set up a course in the yard of white balloons different sizes and weighted at different heights.  The Rockets were hula hoops, which the kids stood in and had to get through the cloud field without touching any clouds.  This was funny and became funnier when parents tried it!  We had decorate your own cookies for treat, with paint brushes, watered down frosting and lots of candy glitter. 

For take home gifts we had found the music CD for the Little Einsteins show on line and bought that, we also gave new paint brushes, playdough and sculpting tools. 

For our thank you notes I picked up a book of postcards from the metropolitan museum of art (from amazon) and sent those so they had more art to remember and keep if they wanted. 

Both Partents and kids agreed it was lots of fun.

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