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My Little Pony Party -4yr- rainbow Streamers




Jennifer in Lucasville,OH USa


February 2007



For my daughters 4th birthday she asked for a My Little Pony Party. I rented our local church's community building so we would have enough tables and chairs for about 50 people.

For decorations I purchased pastel colored balloons to make a balloon rainbow behind the table for the guest of honor and all of her friends. We accomplished this by using old wire clothes hangers which we unfolded and taped together with electrical tape to form an arch. We then simply blew up the balloons and slid the end over the wire, and it came out perfect. We also used multi colored streamers off of both ends of our rainbow to the floor, they kind of curled around and looked very festive.

We attached the rainbow to the ceiling using a piece of curling ribbon to the middle and sides of the arch and tacked them to the ceiling. I bought My Little Pony posters and mounted them around the room also. I went to a local craft mall and bought a large roll of deep purple plastic sheeting which we than rolled out and cut for table covers. This way it was much cheaper than buying separate table covers. We than had several bunches of helium filled balloons with my little pony and happy birthday on them that we taped to the center of each table and scattered birthday confetti around.

I also picked up some purple and pink plush unicorns in the after-valentine clearance that I tied balloons around for centerpieces. We used these as prizes for pin the tail on the pony and the girls that won them were thrilled. All of our party plates, cups, and napkins we bought online and they featured My Little Pony's on them. The designated children's table had a My Little Pony table cover on it and a My Little Pony centerpiece I bought on ebay that has six My Little Pony's on a carousel and spins around if your touch it, they were just adorable.

I also sat out MLP activity pads I bought 3 for $1 at a discount store. Instead of giving the children boxes of crayons, I just put my daughters old crayons in a MLP bucket and let them share. As for food we ordered party subs and chips and made punch.

Our birthday cake I ordered as a wedding style" cake in two double layers and asked the bakery to airbrush rainbows and flowers around it to match the sheet cake that had My Little Pony on it. The sheet cake can be seen on cakes.com and also tells you local stores that decorate these types of cakes. For the stacked cake I bought a My Little Pony birthday gift set that had ponies in little party hats with balloons and birthday cake and sat this on the top layer of the cake. We than added sparkler candles that my daughter made us relight several times for the spark effect.

For party favors I bought pink heart shaped buckets online and filled them with small My Little Pony figures Pony note pads Pony combs bubbles and My Little Pony fruit chews. My daughter loved helping me get them ready by filling the bottom with hot pink shiny shredded confetti and than adding a white curling ribbon to the handle of each one. The boys at the party got Pony favor sacks with various noise makers and candy inside which seemed to please them. All in all the party turned out great and my daughter absolutely loved every second of it!"

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