Pony Party

Little Pony Party -6yr- Scavenger Hunt




Margot in Westchester, New York, North America


June 2006


Honorable Mention

Well, for my sister's sixth birthday party i had the idea of a my little pony party because she loves them a lot and ahe said that her closest friends liked them alot too!! Me and my mom decided on fifteen girls and this number worked out perfectly becuase all the girls were able to come. i thought i would need some help with this party so i decided to ask some of my friends too help. One of my closest friends came and this was a great help, i couldnt have kept all the girls in order without her.

Okay now onto the party, for the invatations i typed them up on the computer and sent them out. I did you are invited to margots 6th birthday party. For the adress i did my adress and then i did celebration castle in ponyville instead of my city. Many moms told me that this was very creative. I also added some pictures to the invatations to make them a little more creative. The party was only in my basement mostly so that was the only room i decorated besides the entrance. For the decorations i bought pink and purple streamers the birthdays girls favorite colors. I made signs like welcome to celebration castle and things like that. I also drew a few of the ponies on paper i had to buy and taped them to the wall. I also had to buy some banners that said happy birthday and stuff like that.

Okay so when the girls arrived they were escorted downstairs by my brother where there was music playing they likes and they could dance to. But before the went into the dancing room i had them stand in line for hair and face painting. i asked them what there favorite ponies were and had the ponies symbol painted on thier cheeks. For example cocunut grooves symbol is coconuts so i paited a symbol of thier cheeks. Some of the girls didnt know what my little ponies were so i told them a few of them.

After the face painting i symply asked them if they wanted a little colored hairspray in thier hair. Most of the girls liked this. Though some of them didnt want face painting or hairspray and i accepted that. After everyone had face paint and hairspray we played a game that many of the kids loved we played pin the tiara on the pony. I had one of the drawn ponies in front of all the girls that were in a line. I put a bandana over there eyes and spun them around a few times. Then they tried to get the tiara on the ponies head. it was fun watching these kids do this because some of them missed by so much.

Most of the kids also enjoyed the next activity we did, we had a scavenger hunt and to engage them in this even more in the beginning I said, grogard had captured pinkypie (my sisters favorite pony) it is up to you to save her, they all got very excited when I daid this. I read the clues to them one at a time and the ran all around the house. They were all very excited after 5 clues when they finally found pinkey pie!!!  

After this we did our last activity which was a pinata. We had all the girls get their shoes on and go outside and the pinata was hanging off the swingset. The girs had a plastic bat and lined up in a line. The pinata was a horse and the kids questioned if it was a my little pony and I said no but after we started they didn’t seem to care. I filled it with candy and all the girls got bags with their names on them. They girls all really seemed to like this activity. When this was over we went inside and had some of the my little pony cake we got from a local bakery. We were done a few minutes early and the kids went downstairs and played frezze dance until the parents came.

For goodie bags we just went to the toy store and bought my little ponies that were about 5 dollars. My sister really liked this party and I think all of the girls did too. The next day My mom told me that the kids moms had all said the kids loved the party. One of the girls said that it was the best party she had ever been too and another girl said that she wanted me to host her next birthday party.

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