Pony Party

Good Luck Pony Party -5yr- Horseshoe Bags




Colleen in New Hope, PA USA


May 2006


Honorable Mention

My five year old daughter had a good luck pony party this year.  We decorated with horse balloons, horseshoe balloons and a banner that said "Happy Birthday Elizabeth" with horses on it from birthdayexpress.com.  All of the paper products had horses on them too, adding to the decorations.  I took out all of my daughters plastic model horses and placed them around the deck and all the tables that were outside. 

The party was held on our back deck and the day was beautiful so the activities could take place outside.  I set up our bouncy house and a couple of sets of horse shoes.  When the kids first arrived they were given there choice of horse visors that we made out of foam.  There was Black Beauty, Palomino, Bay and Grey Dapple.  I got the idea from orientaltrading.com  They sell animal visors, but only sell them with a variety of animals.  I ordered a set of the animal visors and then used a template to make only horse visors. 

Once everyone was there I read a little about horses and told the kids about horse shows.  Then we actually had a horse show to the game "Simon Says", but I called it "Trainer Says".  I had them walk in a big ring that was made out of cones.  They walked, trotted, galloped and jumped.  We set up jumps out of hockey sticks and cones.  At the end everyone won a real horsewshow blue ribbon that I got from the internet. 

From there we decorated real horseshoes that I purchased from a local retired farrier.  They put there names on them with letter stickers, they put small horse stickers on them and glued jewels.  We let them dry during the party and everyone took them home.  We played horse, horse, pony a rendition of duck, duck, goose.  I had the supplies to play pin the tail on the pony, but we couldn't fit it in. 

We sang happy birthday and my daughter's cakes were two large horse shoes.  One vanilla, and one chocolate.  On them we placed small plastic horses.  I bought the horseshoe pan at a local craft supply store.  Because I like to let the kids give there own gift to the birthday girl, they all sat in a big circle and brought there gifts up.  That way Elizabeth could personally thank each person.  I know many people just wait for gift opening after the party, but I think to open the gifts with the kids there adds fun and good lessons for both the birthday child and her guests. 

Once the gifts were opened the ponies had arrived.  Each child could ride two ponies as many times as they wanted to get in line for.  The ponies were the grand finale and they were there for an hour.

At the end of the party, my daughter proudly gave out personalized pouches that we made out of plain fabric table placemats.  You just three fold them, sew them up the sides and use strong velcro for the closure.  Each one had a horseshoe made of felt on it and was personalized w/the child's name.  On the other side was a felt horse head that we made.  I had to do the cutting, but Elizabeth helped with the rest. Both the horseshoe and the horsehead were attached with fabric glue.  They were really cute and my daughter also stuffed them w/the goodies.

Inside we put small plastic horses, a small book about horses, stickers, horse finger puppets, a horse pen and a little candy at my daughter's request.  Everything came from oriental trading except for the book.  That came from Dover Publications.  Everyone had a great time, it was action packed and it made memories for my daughter that are priceless.  Lastly, I took a photo of each child on a pony, got the photos developed from snapfish and sent them in with the thank you notes.

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