Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party -4yr- Round Sandwiches & Snacks




Ann in Bear, DE,  US


April 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's fourth birthday we had a polka dot party! 

The invitations were printed on polka dot stationery.  The invitations read, "Ice cream, cake, polka dots and more, please join us as (birthday girl) turns four!" 

The color theme was orange, pink and yellow.  I covered all the tables with polka dot fabric. 

The first activity was a coloring sheets the kids colored and then decorated with dot stickers. This was a prepackaged activity I found at the store. 

The next activity was polka dot bingo.  I glued dye cut circles on card stock to make a bingo board.  I held up different dots and the kids marked them off with a crayon.  The first to get four in a row yelled, "polka dot." 

The next game we played was musical dots.  I found round mouse pads with polka dots on them and layed them in a circle on the floor.  We played this game just like musical chairs. 

The last activity was the pinata.  I bought a #4 pinata that matched the color them and decorated it with the bright colored office dots. 

I bought pink and yellow party hats. For the girls I hot glued yellow and orange pom poms on them and for the boys I used the yellow office dot stickers.  I made lots of extra hats and put holes through the tops and strung them to make a garland.  This made a great decoration. 

I cut out large orange cirles and wrote one letter on each to spell happy birthday and stuck them on the wall.  I found an umbrella with pink, orange and yellow polka dots and hung it upside down from the ceiling.  I strung circle dye cuts together with fishing line and hung them from the umbrella to look like polka dot rain.  We also had lots of yellow, pink and orange balloons. 

For lunch I served the kids a polka dot bagged lunch.  There was a round sandwich with dots on it (I used a q-tip and food coloring), a bag of green grapes, a bag of orange cheese balls, and a bag of polka dot cutout cookies.  The lunches were served in pink and yellow bags sealed with an office dot.  This idea worked great because the kids could eat their lunch and the parents could enjoy lunch too! 

For the parents lunch, I served a sub platter, potato salad, friut salad and veggie tray.  The tablecloth was white and I put pink and orange round placemats under the food.  I used pink and orange serving dishes.  I even found a serving bowl in yellow, orange and pink polka dots! I also found polka dot plates and napkins and used pink, orange and yellow plastic ware.  I made a round layer cake and decorated it with fondant. 

The cake was white with yellow, pink and orange dots all over it. I also made cupcakes for the kids with polka dot confetti.  On the cake table I also put a couple plates of round cutout cookies I made and frosted in the color theme. The plates I used were the kind you can weave ribbon through so I used polka dot ribbon on them. 

The goody bags for the girls were small pink suitcase purses that I decorated with orange and yellow office dots.  The boys got orange gift bags that I decorated with yellow office dots.  I found foam tags and small foam dots.  I used the tags for the name tags on the bags.  I bought small photo books and took the cover page out and decorated it with dye cut circles dots.  I bought round pots of lip gloss (girls) and put them in cello bags that I decorated with office dots.  I bought small orange memo pads and decorated them with office dots.  There were also gum balls, fruit mentos, button candy, pens, play doh, clickits (girls), and packs of balls (boys).  My daughter wore a polka dot dress.  I wore a polka dot shirt and socks and my husband wore an orange shirt.  Some of the party guests even wore polka dots and orange, pink and yellow!  The party was a lot of fun and some of the guests said they want a polka dot party too!

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