Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party -3yr- Punch Ball Balloons




Stacey in Metairie, LA USA


July 2003



Polka Dot Party - For my three year old daughter Before my daughter was even born I had purchased some invitations at a store closing for 5cents each. Each had brightly colored polka dots on them. I found them again shortly before my daughter's third birthday and the theme for her party took inspiration from the invitation... 

When her guests arrived we had each child "put their polka dots on." I bought neon dots from the office supply store and we stuck them all over each child.

We decorated the room with brightly colored punch-balls (Oriental Trading) that were hung from string which looked like very round balloons (polka dots). I also made a homemade pinata using a paper lantern (round polka dot) and filled with small boxes of Dots candy.

The kids were young so they were able to bust it open more easily than a retail bought pinata. We played a simple version of the popular game "pin the tail on the donkey" except that we had the kids put black polka dot stickers on an outline of a dalmation puppy that I drew on a white poster board- "put the dot on the dog."   

We had 5 single layer round cakes each decorated in a bright color and dotted with white icing. They were scattered around the cake table randomly. For the adults we had polka dot petit-fours made by a local bakery. We had "round" snacks of pb&j sandwiches cut with circle cookie cutters, grapes, planter's cheese balls, mini muffins, cantelope and watermelon balls and other snacks that were in plastic bowls lined with polka-dot tissue paper from the party store. 

For party favors we gave a "dot" marker (can use bingo markers) and a homemade booklet of coloring pages for use with the the "dot" marker.   With their "polka dots on" I took pictures of each child and included the picture of them with the thank you notes, which were plain white notecards from the office supply store that my kids had "dotted" with their "dot" markers.

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