Polka Dot Party

Polka Dotted -1yr- Polka Dot Cookie Cake




Amy in Monument, CO  USA


August 2005



I had a "polka dotted" birthday party this last Spring for my 1 year old daughter.  I thought this was a great theme as she is obviously too young to be "into" anything on her own.  Polka dots are so much fun to plan around!  Please see the following things we did to make the party festive:

Polka dotted invitations, easy to make with vellum paper--Very cute!  Asked all guests (even adults) to come wearing polka dots!

Decorated house with large polka dots leading up to the cake, polka dotted balloons, dots hanging from the ceiling.  It was snowy then and we even spray painted polka dots outside in the snow!  Polka dotted wrapping paper (under the food), tissue paper (to layer chip basket) and plates, cups, etc are all easy to find.

When everyone came, if they did not come dressed in polka dots, the kids would stick polka dotted stickers on them!  

Played Twister, "Pin the polka dot on the dalmation".

Food, carrots (cut into disks) and dip, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut with circle molds, pepperoni pizza, iced cupcake cones with dot sprinkles, M & M cookies, pin wheel pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, cheese cut into circles, etc, 7-up punch with cranberry circle ice cubes floating in it, and I ordered wraps from a local deli in different colors all cut into circles.  

The cake was the best!  A 3 layer white frosted cake with different sizes of sugar cookies iced in bright colors stuck onto the sides.  VERY CUTE!!!!

Favors-Hot glued polka dotted ribbon bows to white frames, made polka dotted ribbon hook braclets for the girls.  Old fashioned ribbon "dot" candy and/or current "dot" candy.  Easy to decorate gift bags with dot stamps! (or dot die cut outs to glue on to bags)

The party was great! The kids (and adults) looked so great in their outfits.

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