Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party -4yr- Musical Dots




Julie Ann in Spanish Fork, Utah USA


June 2001


Honorable Mention

Polka Dot Party - For my daughter's four year old birthday, I had a polka dot theme. 

For the invitations I used multi-colored polka dot pattern paper for the background with the words printed on vellum and tied to the pattern paper with ribbon. 

I taped/hid cut-out construction paper circles all over the backyard (on the fence, the swing set, the house, etc.).  Each child was assigned a color and went on a hunt for their polka dots. They collected them in a bag. 

Then they had a relay race using plastic balls (the size of the ball pit balls) and mixing spoons to see which team could transfer the balls from their basket to the empty basket on the other side.

We then played a game of Twister (varied slightly for age).  We headed inside next and had a polka dot cake walk where the children walked from circle to circle on the floor.  When I stopped the music, I drew out a small color circle out of a bag and the person standing on that circle got to select a sheet of stickers (I removed the circle from the bag so I wouldn't choose that color again). 

For treats, the children received boxes of Dots candy, the sticker sheet, and polka dot crazy straws. 

The cake was simple: I made a two layer circle cake and covered it with Necco candy as well as small dot cake decoration candies in the center. I put four ice cream cones cut in half around the edges and put a real scoop of ice cream at the top of each (the kids loved this).  I baked the cupcakes for the guests right in ice cream cones, frosted them white and covered them in small dot candy as well.

We had a great time!

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